Mystery In Wellington Release!

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    The Adventure Map "Mystery In Wellington" is now open! To play simply open this link. Then visit res 14808 on SMP 7 And enjoy! Please leave feedback, because we do plan on making another (as production on Part 2 has already begun!) Hope you guys enjoy it!



    Well I have been working on this little project with some help non stop pretty much for the last week. Now that it is the final stages, I wanted to put some hype out there.

    Story Preview

    There is something strange happening in Wellington, a town you knew nothing about until you woke up this morning. It is up to you to find out what is going on, and what happened to your friend Kenny. All the while, piecing together your memory from the night before.

    Do you like the music? Please support the artist here!

    All Audio Credit Goes to Newgrounds User: Kylethedarkn

    Other Infos

    I have been receiving massive amounts of help towards this from hayleycolgan. I mainly work on the story, redstone stuff, and the basic idea of the stages. She designs (and mostly builds) all of the buildings and surroundings the stages are placed in. This is quite a large project, and I can not wait to release it to you guys. I hope to have it out to you guys by next weekend. Maybe sooner.

    Everything built on EMC was first created on a home creative server of mine that hayleycolgan an I used to layout and entire 60x60 plot and all the other stages are just kind of scattered around the map.

    My initial idea here is to create a little Adventure Map series for EMC. This is just part 1. And just in case you are wondering if I am waiting to see how this one goes first for that, I will put out the information that there is already been building done for part 2 on the creative server ;). So everyone prepare, because there is a Mystery coming...
  2. Nice man... nice!
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  3. what recording software did you use? Also your teamspeak is down :(
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  4. I Love IT
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  5. I use fraps :). Yeah teamspeak has to be down whenever i run my minecraft creative server, and/or fraps.. they just argue with one another to much :p
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  6. I'm excited to see more of this! Awesome job you two!
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  7. Wait... Green_Mystery?? :D
    But really, this is a great idea, and I loe the execution. Keep up the good work smooch!
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  8. This looks like so much fun! I can't wait to see how it all comes together :D
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  9. Forgive me if this happens to be a spoiler, but I couldn't resist:
    "they killed kenny!!"
  10. haha.. no. If it helps, Kenny is a recurring character throughout the series. Your partner/sidekick of sorts. Even though in this episode he plays more of a damsel in distress role :p.
  11. Sorry I couldn't help you out with any of this, Smooch. I've been enjoying a week away in the sun. Let me know when you start project 2 and I'll be on it with you- all the way man. :)
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  12. are u gonna release this for download???? it looks good!
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  13. No probs bro, as soon as part 1 is released i am sure i can find some use for you somewhere :p.
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  14. Its going to be on a residence.. completely accessible in EMC. Thus the reason it is an EMC exclusive. Hayleycolgan and I have worked very hard in getting enough "fun" packed into a 60x60 square.. but you can think Justin's brilliant RTS system, that helps in moving the player to different spots on the res without shattering the "adventure" qualitiy.
  15. ISMOOCH: The liking machine.
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  16. Whenever I use fraps it turns out really blurry... What settings do you use?
  17. to be honest.. I do not know. I really do not think I have changed anything on it. Just run it out of the box :p
  18. Hmm... when I do that it makes it either have black bars or blurry
  19. see the black bars i ran into.. i just resized it to the canvas i was working with in Premiere.. and kablam.. good to go. 720 lines of progressive greatness. (thats a reference to 720p btw.. in case that was lost to anyone.)
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  20. Thanks man! That will help me with my new videos.
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