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  1. Hi I'm Dylan Aand I like Pie.
  2. Welcome to EMC Dylan! I hope you enjoy the server so far!
  3. How have your three years here been treating you?
  4. He's been on EMC for 3 years? oh
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  5. Whoops, misread that as 6 Apr 2015 :/
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  6. Pie... or PI???
    not random, and not copy/paste
    BUT nice to see you on forums :3
  7. Welcome to Empire Minecraft. :)
  8. Hi!!!!! Welcome to EMC! I just reached 2 Years on here! You will love this place!!!!
  9. ummmmm, pie...

  10. I can see you will fit in nicely here.
  11. Hi Dylan, welcome to the forums :) and pie is good. ;)
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  12. Well, hello there!
    So, what kind of pie rules all the other pies???
    Hope you get to enjoy the deliciousness of the pi pie! ;) See you around!
  13. I don't know about you, but I prefer Pi..
    Welcome to EMC!
  14. Welcome to the Empire!
  15. Welcome to the Empire and/of the forums. If you like pie then, well, this may very well be the server for you because we got pi pie! :D

    That's pi and pie combined and rolled into one pie. Can't get any better than that. You can even use one to calculate the diameter of the other, convenient eh? And as soon as I know which one of the two to use I'll be able to tell you more ;)

    So yah :)