My Youtube Channel!!

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  1. Hewo Everyone!!

    I Am Letting All You People Know That Im A Youtuber!! I Post Videos Almost Everyday ( depends if something irl is going on ). I am a gamer so I do lets plays and more. I usually play Minecraft and occasionally Roblox!! I use a mic. which I know a lot of people like :p My mic isnt the best but im getting a better one soon!!

    Plz comment some suggestions on minecraft maps I should play, games I should play, challenges I should do, and more ( basically video ideas XD )! If you would like to be in one of my youtube videos give me a PM including what you want to do so we can figure that out and we will have to work out a date and time since we all have a life :p Note: my videos can only be 15 minutes long, but I can have different episodes :3 If you use mumble and wanna be in a video we can use that but idk how clear that will come out. If you are a youtuber and want me to be in a video just notify me and we can work that out!!

    I Hope You Enjoy!!
  2. I'll check it out! :) (not like I don't already spend more than enough time on YouTube... :oops:)
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  3. So the first one I jsut watched was your chap stick challenge...... That was amusing to watch. I will also sub to your channel as soon as I log into my google account form my laptop. May be later tonight before I do that though.
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  4. welp I havent bumped this since April I was going through the threads to see if I had a youtube thread up and found my old one XD This is officially my bump so yeah :p
  5. Subbed.
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  6. Subbed ^.^
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  7. bump!

    Got my new mic. but it wont record sound solving it out now hopefully it will be working soon!!
  8. I have 28 subs, can you guys get me to 30?!
    Every time I get 10 more subs I do a special video!!
  9. Well I have some good news and bad news :/

    Bad News:
    Since im moving my school disabled my google email since it was a school email which was connected to my youtube channel. So now I can not post videos on that channel sadly so I had to make a new account and continue my youtube life there ;-;

    Good News:
    I had another youtube account i have never used before with my own yahoo email so I can continue on that. I will be continuing all my series and other stuff there :D The channel is called kathryn8960 like my other channel. I used my new channel to comment this news on my recent video and hopefully people will read that!

    Hopefully my subscribers see that and come subscribe to my new channel! I have 33 subscribers but with my new channel I only have 2 :/

    Share My Channel With Your Friends :D