My Vaction Trip!

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  1. Hi guys! Today, I decided to tell you something! (I'm using my Computer to type this :D) Anyways, I left Washington! I'm back home! It's good to be home with you guys! Also, I wanna thank BlinkyBinky for helping me and signing up for my Job.
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  2. Who knows what I did..
  3. Maybe I did.. maybye I didn't! The possibleides are endless. MHAHAHAHAHAHAUAUHAHAH!
  4. Lol. But, Agree. I'll start a conversation with you. Let's talk there.
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  5. Why wouldn't you be able to fonts and stuff like that? I do it all the time! :) Things like [FONT=verdana] and [COLOR=#880080]. Also [I] for putting emphasis on something of course, using [/I] to end it.[/COLOR]
    Sometimes it can be a bit stupid, but most of the time it's good.
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  6. What 607 said. GUI is extremely helpful, but rudimentary HTML knowledge is sufficient to get the job done. :)
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