My "unbreakable" shovel just broke

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  1. The unbreakable tools offered as a voter's gift do break. So I would like to ask: what's the difference between "unbreaking (1 to 5)" and "unbreakable"?
  2. I stand corrected: my voter's shovel is back! Looks like I just have to wait a little after it is broken.
  3. I'll give you my take on this.

    The text "unbreaking I-V" in gray is an enchantment; it means that the durability of that particular item to which the enchantment has been applied is increased. The item can still be broken, however, regardless of the enchantment level.

    The text "Unbreakable" in gold text (and underline) in theory means that the item is literally unbreakable. However, glitches do happen sometimes...

    Before proceeding, in the item's lore, does it say "unbreaking" or "unbreakable"?
  4. Unbreaking gives a percentage to take damage everytime the tool is used, unbreaking means it can't break/doesn't take durability. It is brand new so could have some flaws? No idea though.

    Edit: That's only clientside then, relogging or moving the item around in your inventory will adjust the durability bar.
  5. I've noticed, after using the tools, the durability does go down, but after a few minutes it returns to 100% again - ingenious :)
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  6. if it breaks click the space where it was and it should refresh back to normal - this also repairs the tool :)
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  7. Same as in pvp arena. You may be shocked at first when you see your everlasting axestopper losing durability, but it will get it back automatically. That's just what it does, because it's not an enchantment in vanilla minecraft.
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  8. I noticed diamond shovel loses durability when you dig [dirt] (left mouse button) , when you r-click on the dirt or other block, it gets durability back to max.
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