My thanks to all staff

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  1. It's the last Saturday of November. Like all the rest of the Saturdays of the year I am working.

    But I wanted to take a second to stop and say thanks to all the staff for all their hard work. I have dealt with almost all of you at one point or another or just said hey in passing but I wanted you to know that your hard work hasnt gone unnoticed. By me at least.

    I joined this server for the economy aspect of the game. I stayed for the people. ( and the rupees )

    Thanks again and Ill see you on smp6.
  2. Good for you, stopping to give thanks :)
  3. Thank you!
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  4. It has to be time consuming to be staff. I know I see them running around a lot. They are people who love the game and love the server and they commit their own time to it. A lot like build staff and contribution team. So thanks to all those members also
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  5. 'Tis what everyone says. :]
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  6. And the rupees. The economy is still one of my favorite parts.
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  7. Lol me to :D
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  8. Not to derail the thread from thanking staff but are you still isn't potion business ?
  9. Your not derailing at all and YES!
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  10. Good I need to order some I think.
  11. Pm me :D