My Stuff Is Gone

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  1. My Stuff all disapeared and it was my good stuff to i dont know why. How can i get help for this? i looked in every single chest of mine and there all gone and i even put them in specific chests not five seconds ago and now there gone. what do i do?
  2. 2 things: there are more threads about this
    And this are the bugs contained in 1.3
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  3. i would check around and make sure it's not just somewhere else, because glitching and lagging is causing some things to act wonky
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  4. :( But it not Fair full Enchanted Diamond armor. And a complete set of diamond tools the pick amd axe were both enchanted. It was my daily tools. :(
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  5. Yeah, maybe it glitched back to the chest you obtained it from
  6. I did i checked in all my other chests and they werent there i checked them all i even went and checked my chests in my ender chest even though i never use it.
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  7. I also checked it three time logging out each time.
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  8. You know you got a different ender chest in town and in the wild?
  9. actualy i only use the one for extra storage and decoration
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  10. Same happened to me today! i lost a whole set of diamond Armour and tools, 24 iron ingots and 20 gold ingots! i want it back!
  11. Dont we all