My POKÉMANS Let me show you them!

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Which one are you getting?

Black 2 11 vote(s) 28.2%
White 2 16 vote(s) 41.0%
I wont get either one 25 vote(s) 64.1%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Tomorrow is the official release date of the next pokemon games for the U.S! Black 2 and White 2! What are your thoughts on the game? Will you get it? Did you do the keledo event from gamestop over the past 2 months for Black 1 and White 1? Are you gonna get white or black, why? Do you like pokemon? Favorite pokemon? Favorite thing about the new game? Thanks for thoughts and feedback! PM me if you want to trade or battle on Pokemon black or white :)
  2. Second

    I'm gonna stay with White 1 :)
  3. lol i m playing pokemon emerald on my iPod touch :D
  4. i meant black >:| played it since i was little. the only reason i keep getting them even though im 13 is so i can keep the pokemon from when i was little. i transfer the game to game. at least im not afraid to admit that i play the game.
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  5. Congrats. Toaster, please summon the meme!
  6. Pfft... I'm playing Pokemon Gold.

    I would get Black 2, but I sorta got tired of my DSi and sold it for 40 dollars. I'm going to use that money to buy Fraps or something.
  7. !!!! 40$ !!!! it was worth more than that. at least 75
  8. xD
  9. I just wanted to get rid of it, really. Besides, DSi is like, 4 generations old.
  10. Sorry I had to say neither. I haven't cared for Pokemon since they added in the dumb names like "Shoemon a pokemon who looks like a shoe!" or something like that. :/ I liked the old ones with Togepi and all them. I have the Pokedex on my 3DS and I rarely use it because some of the ones are dumb. One is a lizard that can pull it's skin up like a shield.
  11. I think Pokemon has really dropped in quality lately, that's why I'm playing the older ones.
  12. pssst, I play pokemon yellow pikachu edition on my computer. But I've never really cared for the newer ones, I stopped at diamond I believe.
  13. I still have my original Pokemon Yellow - which I will pull out every now and then. I play it on the Gamecube though. Did anyone else have the Gameboy Advance Player for Gamecube?
  14. I'm 13 I still play. I think I've always traded in my old ones bought different versions traded those in again than bought the one I had to begin with. VERY stupid. I have white 1 and I am getting black 2
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  15. me and you are doing the same thing, same age, same games. :D
  16. I challenge you to an epic pokemon battle of history!
  17. If I still had my copy of Diamond, you would lose at my hands. I met someone who was both super amazing, but super gullible, and traded me about 12 legitimate Legendarys.
  18. Well we couldn't GEN v games(black and white) are not compatible with gen I'VE games ( diamond, platinum, pearl, HG SS
  19. Well if I had my copy of Black and a good friend I'd trade them to myself!