My player head can't seem to drop.

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  1. I have leaped off the wastelands spawn at least 150 times now and still no head has dropped. I have checked my setting and it says that head drops are on. Are you sure it's a 15% chance or am I just really unlucky?
  2. Probably just unlucky :p
  3. Probably just unlucky. I also didn't get zombie pigman heads for like ages, but now they've started to reappear.
  4. Go to the nether wastelands make sure to grab a bed find a place where zombie pigmen are around 1-2 should be fine lol place the bed and set your spawn location then have fun Ive gotten multiple this way
  5. Let Pepe handle this in PvP. Ill give you your head back. Suicide is bad son.
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  6. Pretty sure you're just unlucky. Rumor has it that I've shown some suicidal tendencies myself last week and some extra ShelLuser heads may or may not have come from that :)

    What I did: go out into wasteland with a friend, go approx. 40 - 60 up into the air and build a platform (make it wide enough, I usually use at least 2 spare blocks next to the bed). Click, check your /ps setting and jump! Have your friend check where you land and pick up any dropped head. I often could see my head pop up after I crashed into the ground, but having someone pick it up asap always seemed like a smart idea to me.

    Hope this helps.
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