My Pistons ARE GONE

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by MizzFace, Sep 1, 2012.

  1. wth my pistons and redstone has completely disappeared... what do i do now???
  2. its a glitch. wait it out
  3. If it's in town, it's a glitch. If in the wild, they were stolen. Most people have them come back though it seems.
  4. idk if i like that idea but i guess i dont have a choice.... ill wait impatiently
  5. yea its in town on smp4 im not the only one tho others are gone too
  6. Block X strikes again. I magically got mine back a day or two later, so they will probably come back. But I reset my res again for 1.3.2 purposes and haven't really been on it. I've been fooling around on smp1 wild and i've been at the LLO on smp7.
  7. Yeah that's the only issue. None of us like it but there's nothing they can do just yet it seems. :(
  8. and now my furnaces arent working ethier this truely makes me want to go to xbox and say the h to pc
  9. That's another issue. One of the town plugins isn't working right. The furnaces and pistons and some other things is part of it. They've all been going on for a while and Aikar is trying to fix it all.
  10. Oh I lay on smp4 that happened to me but I got them back
  11. yea they still havent came back and now im braving the wild just to make glass ugh makes me sick
  12. Sick? do you need some medicine? are you feverish cold? or what kind of sick ma'am?
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  13. Residence is the plugin not working :) The thing is i'm good with Java and the normal residence coding is working as it has always done: Perfectly.
    The residence plugin of EMC is a scaled down version and its problems are unique :p