[1.3 Bug] Invisible Block!

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  1. I made Xorick (8207 - SMP4) a stone gen, he lets me use it.

    I went to it and this is what happened:

    Happened to you? And I cant break it so cant fix it
  2. Just try to relog.
  3. relog? or reload i quit and connected and now the piston disappeared!!
  4. i have this problem as well i have a piston door where i think 12 sticky pistons are invisible + the endstone and i have a broken stone gen with the pistons invisible. had this last 2 days very annoying as i cant get into the building unless i mine away obsidian. iv tried restarting closing playing with out mods but nothing fixes it. iv even tried mining the blocks for a while but still there. hope this bug gets fixed or the blocks get destroyed just so i can fix the broken parts.
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  5. I lost two diamond blocks and two gold blocks, as well as 4 sticky pistons to this glitch. That was my gift to myself, my sense of accomplishment disappeared into thin air..
  6. i lost 45 blocks of glowstone
  7. Yep, that hurts more, I guess.
  8. Almost off-topic, but why am i so happy that i don't have a res in town, as all problems seem to be in town?
  9. also btw guys if a creeper blows up sometimes the blocks will not break but when you move passed where the creeper exploded there will be blocks that you have to mine some might be invisible.
  10. That same piston glitch has happened to me. I have tried both of those methods, and they don't work.
  11. has anyone tried to get a admin or mod to try break the invisible blocks?

    i was wondering if a admin with creative was able to break them since they act like bedrock.
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  12. Random fact:

    Bedrock may be 16,000,000,000 on the Wiki but it acctully has a damage value of -1 so its unbreakable no matter what
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  13. creative mde can break it tho. and admin are able to break it cuz they have op dont they?
  14. Happend me too, so now my wheat farm doesn't work (my pistons are invisible and unusable but they're still there) so I hope this will be fixed soonly:/
  15. :/ completed the first half of my 600 stickypiston build sometime last week, first time on EMC earlier today, tested the mechanic, and this happens :/ I hope i don't have to remake those pistons and moved stone, lol.
  16. Having the same issue with my piston door. Not hurting as bad because of it as some of you guys I'm only missing 4 sticky pistons and 4 netherbrick.
  17. I made a thread to discuss this in more detail.
  18. turns out i lost about a dozen more pistons from the bottom of my stone gen that i didnt notice. so thats about 14 or so reg pistons and about 10 sticky pistons and 4 endstone iv lost so far.
  19. I've only lost 4 stickies. The second my stickies disappeared, I disabled my Lair entrance, and mined those two up.