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  1. I never noticed there was a photography section til today .. I love taking pictures here are A few of my favorites (there are alot :D) Will add me later .. birds.jpg moon.jpg lol.jpg old.jpg pink.jpg rose.jpg snow.jpg spider.jpg Spiderlady.jpg flwer.jpg
  2. Wow, they look great!
  3. That spinder made me cringe :eek: Beautiful photos!
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  4. That squirrel... So much yes.
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  5. Very nice! Where did you find that squirrel and that spider?
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  6. Wow these photos are really great! The abandoned house and dead trees along with the spider gave off that Halloween vibe huehuehue.
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  7. The squirrel was taken at my front window .. and the spiders i find in my house I guess they get in because i live so close to the woods .. I have lots of them in the house every summer :p I hate spiders but i like to take pictures of them , as long as they dont climb on me :rolleyes:
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  8. I doubt I'll ever see such things in the Netherlands... ;) The most we get here is a bird in the garden. I even have to walk quite far before I can find things like snakes and frogs.
  9. Awesome! The one of the run down white building is my favourite but they are all really cool.
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  10. They all look great - my favorite is the second one down in the original post for it looks very artistic; my next favorite would probably be the snowy scene for it is something that you do not see every day and it just looks generally very pretty. Good job.
  11. I love that squirrel. xD "Nomnomnom!"
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