My Photography Journey!

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Do you enjoy taking photos?

Meh, I guess. 1 vote(s) 6.7%
Nah lol. 2 vote(s) 13.3%
Every now and then but not too often. 4 vote(s) 26.7%
  1. I took this one leaving work. I work at a ski resort so I have to take a lift down to the bus. Sure this was kinda risky considering my phone could've fallen off but uh, it didn't soooo it's all good right?

    This next pic I took during spring break last week visiting my two nephews :)
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  2. Also, the best advice I can give you is to just experiment will all of the settings, it won't hurt, just back up your images in case anything happens. Just move around the sliders and undo anything which looks bad etc, that way you will learn everything by yourself which is way better. Also, I don't have the time just yet to make a video but I will when I do have time.
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  3. Thank you! that video you sent actually helped a lot. He explained what a lot of the settings do, which was really helpful. You’ve already helped a ton so don’t stress about making the video.
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  4. Couldn't help but to pull over and admire all the pretty flowers...

    I'd post more but I swear if I post more... I'd probably end up posting 3 pages of just flowers lol.
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  5. Gorgeous! Would you know what flowers those are? They remind me of tulips, but I'm not sure. :)
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  6. They are indeed tulips:) Believe it or not, we have this tulip festival coming up soon where there’s going to be around 280,000 tulips with hundreds of different varieties. I was in that area of where the festival is being held so that might be why there were so many just infront of a grocery store! xD
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  7. Ah, that's cool! :) (not sure if that's a good word to use here, but oh well, it doesn't seem that significant)
    I heavily associate tulips with the Netherlands, so it's nice to see them elsewhere. :p
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  8. Yeah, they're all actually imported right from Holland!
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  9. Tulip festival was just AMAZING. I took way too many photos and I was going to edit a large handful of them on lightroom but I haven't had enough time yet sooo here's just two I edited on my phone!