My Photography Journey!

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Do you enjoy taking photos?

Meh, I guess. 1 vote(s) 6.7%
Nah lol. 2 vote(s) 13.3%
Every now and then but not too often. 4 vote(s) 26.7%
  1. Hey guys! :)
    I've been wanting to make this thread for quite some time now.

    A few years ago I really fell in love with photography and ever since then I try my best to take as many photos as I can. The reason I decided to make this thread was because, although I post my photos on instagram and such, I don't have many followers first of all. Second of all, I'd really like to get some feedback so I can improve, because I'm kind of at that beginner level right now imo.

    Currently, all the pictures I've taken have been on my phone: iPhone 7 plus. I would love to save up for a camera(but I'm currently saving up for a really expensive Europe trip and that's priority atm, let's not get too off topic though haha.) I'll share some of my favorite photos I've taken so far, as well as other photos I take along the way!(Hence the title)

    Side note: I do have access to lightroom but I'm a total noob at it. If any of you have experience with lightroom feel free to leave some tips!

    Here's my favorite photo I've taken!

    This has to be my favorite, mostly because I didn't expect it to turn out like that whatsoever. It was the first picture I considered to be a "really good picture". So I was really proud of it! And that sort of encouraged me to take more and more and now my camera roll is just overflowing with pictures...

    Here's another one of my favorites!

    Keep an eye out for more photos!

    Please feel free to leave any tips or constructive criticism! Anything is appreciated :D
  2. *sees photos*
    *sees what you used to take them*
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  3. Thanks! xD. When I first started off I was surprised too, phones have advanced so much since the last few years. It’s crazy.
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  4. Oh btw... let me know if you wanna see before and afters because I do edit my photos :)
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  5. Beautiful! I look forward to seeing more =)
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  6. Thank you!:D
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  7. Ohhhhh those are beautiful! Please take more! :)
  8. Thanks! Will do:)
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  9. Cool and good
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  10. Nice photo's but i think i can do better :p jk. But I love the photo's
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  11. Thanks xD
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  12. Beautiful, I'm looking forward to seeing more! :)
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  13. These are some nice pictures! Keep up the good work.

    I would look into the rule of thirds when taking pictures its a really easy method to understand framing and it makes pictures look more appealing in some situations.

    With Lightroom just YouTube some tutorials. If you want I can record myself editing a picture on Lightroom if you would find it helpful :)

    If you want to talk photography just send me a pm. I'm not the best but you can see my thread to see what I've done in the past :p

    This YouTuber is great with Photography and I've used this to help me sometimes.
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  14. Thanks for the tips, I’ll make sure to look into it and watch the video! If you’d like to record yourself editing a photo I wouldn’t mind because I checked out your thread and you seem to take similar photos as I do(except yours are way better). I saw really beautiful pics of flowers in there, and sunsets. It would be nice to see how you’d edit them so I can sort of have a sense of what to use and what not to. Because, often times when I look up tutorials they have a completely different type of picture and then I’m all left on my own to mess around with things(which never ends well lol). You don’t have to record anything though if you’re too busy, it’s totally fine. You’ve already helped a ton. I really appreciate it, thanks!:D
  15. I have two words for this... Beautiful Pictures ;)
  16. Aww thanks! :D
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  17. Bump! Will be posting more photos later ;)
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  18. My best friend, Glynnis, is a Photography major. I could hook you guys up over a skype call or something because tbh I have no idea about photography. Her Instagram is Glynnis.Murphy if you want to check out her photos. I've told her that she should post before and after photos, but....
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  19. Omg that would be great, please do! ;o
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  20. Pic from when I was in Germany! :) This was in a really small town however, called Rhauderfehn. Took this while visiting my aunt and uncle.

    Idk why this was blurry but idk how to fix it so oh well..