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Do you think teams should be randomized?

Yes 24 vote(s) 75.0%
No 8 vote(s) 25.0%
  1. I'd like to note something before this thread even begins, the title has the word opinion in it.

    Alright, so today some rude things have came out of a lot of players mouths, including my own. But I do believe none of it was without reasoning, good or bad. The major reason this happened was, in my opinion, the fact that the teams and the way the teams were being chosen was a bit broken. A lot of people have a group of players that they usually play with and I think that has become the primary reason that most people player the UHC events, to play with their friends. Like I said in my own thread before the UHC even began, Team Red was created so we could play the UHC every week with the same people, communicate well, be organized, and win the events as a team. Now heres where I think Krysyy and Rainbowchin made an error;

    They began placing players on random teams, without the player having much of a say in what team they were going to be on, and this kind of ruined the game for me all together and generated a lot of rude comments from myself and other players.

    Another thing that caused a bit of rudeness from my team was the fact that people were joining Dark Red, the color we use every UHC, and we requested they be moved numerous times like we usually do when a random joins and usually Chin would remove them, but nope, not this time.

    The command blocks were flawed, not a lot of people liked the idea of randomized teams, and it just ruined the fun of the event all together. My team and I will take some of the blame for the rudeness that occurred at the UHC, but not all of it.

    Feel free to post your opinions, debunk some of mine, or just vote in the poll above.

    I may be moving on to other things even if the UHC comes back, the fun is just gone for me.
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  2. Question: Why would you get mad over a colored team? I get you want to get all your friends on one team, but it shouldn't really matter. Lime Team is cool some times.
  3. Krysyy and Chin have been trying to fix these errors that your team always complains about. The reason they randomized the team was because they were trying to get it all set. If you would of waited instead of yelling at them every 2 minutes it could of gone well and we could of had an event today. Blaming the staff members who put their own personal time into this event ( that they dont even need to hold) is rude and you should think before blaming them for stuff you personally hate. Chin is trying new ways to make things work and make everyone happy but picking part every single thing he does is going to wear him down and soon he wont want to hold this event. Red team needs to rethink their thoughts on UHC as they have caused most of the drama.
  4. Well, the recent events are IMO a perfect example why I don't like Minecraft PvP in general.
  5. The truth:

    We did not start off by randomly assigning teams. It is and always has been first come first serve, with regards to player teams and colors alike, per my discussion with Rainbow while we were running tests prior. So we followed that same regard. The command blocks were working at first, but players were not following instructions and so they were being buggy with assigning the colors.

    Then add that some players just wanted to join and play the event and did not know that there were any assigned teams. So they chose a random color. They were then attacked by other players claiming they 'own' that color, even though all they wanted to do was play. Chin wasn't removing them because we were still trying to assign the players that had no names, as said multiple times in chat. And yet, instead of being patient and waiting until we got back around to evening out the teams, people were spamming chat upset and being rude to each other.

    We only randomized teams at the very end to determine how many players needed to be on each team and to even things out because the Red team had grown to 8+ people while the yellow team had 3. 8 vs 3 is not fair in any sense and so we were trying to figure out a solution. It was then, that more stuff broke and some players chose to be rude, disrespectful to both staff and other players. Therefore, because more stuff was being broken and faster than we could sort things out, the event was cancelled for the night.
  6. I have to clap on you for this one krysyy. I feel this is the total truth. Question: What about the threats of DDoS?
  7. I will be floored if anyone immature enough to threaten actually has the aptitude to execute it.
    • You need to realize how hard the staff work on these events and give up their own time so they can make others happy and enjoy their day.
    • Anyway why do you have to be just on red all the time as long as your all together it doesn't really matter IMO.
    • Arguing with each other isnt gonna solve anything tbh just going to make things worse
  8. I didn't include the cursing or threats of ddos in there because they were side actions that weren't really a big deal in the scheme of things.
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  9. you go jadz...
    Yeah, as you said most of the people who Threat DDoS don't know anything about it. And what I said they are just people who sit at their computer in the underwear mortifying little kids by threats.
  10. It appears that some people can't handle UHC with maturity, why not do what you did with the Religion topics (pls no flame wars now)??

    People Flame on Religion = No Religion Threads
    People Flame in UHC = Take away official UHC
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  11. You have got to be kidding me... I realized things were bad and immature, but this really hits rock bottom for me. I wonder what scriptkiddies coughed up those words because, just a personal opinion, but that would be more than enough grounds for me to warrant some kind of ban. Perma removal from the event and optionally EMC too.

    Sounds harsh? You betcha! If you feel tough enough to cough up those kinds of dumb words then you'd better also expect some kind of aftermath.
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  12. Wow...That was rough lol, but yeah I think that is what they deserve, thanks for that mini-rant, and making my day :D
  13. Btw, the following message is not intended to be rude, just a comparison:

    • What if your work building got painted with graffiti(the bad ones(ugly))? well you would probably would not be positive about it.
    • What if they suddenly change your national flag(changed not implemented)? Well, you would feel in a low mood or mad. People, in many things, are very enthusiast, especially, on sport teams or even a country. What if suddenly they banned in the United States the US. Flag: well you probably would not agree with it because, somehow, you grew some kind of affection over it.(I used United States, as an example) because many people from EMC are from there). So what im trying to say, that the color IS important. It is that symbol that unites their team. Their love for "their" color has the same value(or more) of love as the fans or Real Madrid to Real Madrid, or for a society to their flag.
    The previous reason is why I think teams should never be randomised. PS: I did read kryssy's post about making teams random just for quantity purposes(so don't attack me on that!! ;))
  14. I love pvping. I love UHC. I love this community. But we can't handle, it needs to be gone before it makes things worse.
  15. I wouldn't be happy, but I wouldn't start tearing down a person that was trying to fix it though.
    Sadly, I see that happening soon so I really don't care. I would be mad, but I know who's in authority over the flag. As well, people change their nationalities all the time at the point its normal. But, for one game it shouldn't be tearing down a Community Manager and Chin bad.
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  16. Why can't we all be #teamfriends ?

    It just seems that every time there is some UHC event, something big happens.
    (Multiple player bannings, threads like these, etc.)

    I do not go to UHC, so I am not up to date on all the details.

    Maybe the people who joined red team were unaware that you guys do this everytime. EVERYONE IS NOT OUT TO GET EACH OTHER. EMC IS A COMMUNITY, NOT A LOAD OF PEOPLE TRYING TO ANNOY EVERYONE ELSE!

    Let's all remember, UHC is a game, and staff donate their time so that everyone can have fun. I personally wouldn't be surprised if a blacklist appears, just to stop with the overflow of things that happen like this every week.

    Randomization would help stop the "stacking" of teams. This is getting to be like gym class, where people are being recruited, and others are being left out, simply because they are not the best at PVP.

    There would be plenty of other servers who host other PVP sessions, and I can tell you, they do not put as much effort into the mini-game as the EMC staff does.

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  17. Is this meant to be a super competitive event or a social community event? The former leads to toxicity and drama, especially when players feel compelled to cheat. (Haven't two confirmed cheaters been banned already?) This seems detrimental to the culture of EMC, especially if the insults and grudges are carried back to the Empire.
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  18. My sons and I used to regularly play a lot of LAN games at my house with my and their friends. We knew each other's abilities pretty well and could choose teams that were closely matched most of the time but also tried to keep teams somewhat random. The goal wasn't to stomp all over each other, but instead to play close, exciting games with friends.

    Part of being an adult in this situation was that I usually handicapped myself with the slowest computer and played with the worst players and others followed suit once they matured enough to understand. Sometimes this was rather chaotic and frustrating, but everyone became good players because they were given the chance to learn. I played, won, and lost some of the most closely matched and exciting games I have ever played this way and would take a close loss any day over trashing some strangers on the internet.

    We all look back on them as good times and even though the kids aren't kids anymore, we still get together when enough of us can get the time. I still see them do things like switch teams to even them out or bend the rules for someone new and am proud. Static teams won't create bonds like this.

    It's not fun when teams are mismatched, even for the winners. It's not fun if you are never given the chance to improve. If you want to have fun, I think teams need to be balanced somehow either through random choosing, ranking, or both.
  19. Im Not trying to come out rude here but you dont make the decisions about team situations that is chinnys and krysyy to determine
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