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  1. Hello guys n girls, ladies n gentlemen, and ofcourse everything in between :D.

    I wanted to notify the community that I've recently started blogging on my new blog called;
    I have been wanting to start a blog for a lòòòòòng while now. And I've finally taken a step forward!

    Its a motivational blog, With three main categories : Creativity, Motivational and Lifestyle

    Lifestyle will contain blogs from my daily life when I do something fun and also like reviews, and hauls.

    Creativity will contain Recipes as in cooking and things like clay AND my story's! I write x'D

    Motivational will contain the more serious subjects as in pep talks, cheer ups and how to achieve things and for example tips to do ... blalala.

    You are ofcourse not forced to check it out but I would very much appreciate any viewers! :D
    Feedback is also loved!

    (If this is not allowed please don't ban me because im not sure since its a personal things and not really advertising for a different community)

    Love, Roar!

    Edit: I forgot the darn website link lol!

    Thanks !!
  2. Good luck!
  3. Aahw thank you !! :D
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  4. Don't worry. It is not allowed to advertise for other Minecraft servers (for obvious reasons I think) but your own blog shouldn't be a problem. I just checked it out and will have to say that it looks very nice so far!

    I also have a Wordpress account so I'll be sure to add you to my follow list for now :)
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  5. Aah thank you so much! Ill follow you back right now! Thanks for the feedback :D
  6. Bumpy ❤️
  7. Bump ❤️
  8. Pleaase check it out <3 :D