my mall is now open!

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  1. this mall literally took forever! anyway.. my mall is now open and has VERY cheap prices on a lot of this you will need/desire such as banners, small/common promos, gems, food, etc...

    the address is 8182 (my 2nd res) and hope to see u there!

    I hope you have a day filled with joy and fun!

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  2. Nice, I'll come check it out! :D
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  3. I will hopefully check it out soon as well
  4. which smp server?
  5. I checked it out a little bit earlier and its on smp4
  6. looks good, there are some parts in the build that are even expectaly good, like the little shop platforms on the left, I like that idea, and, if there are still prices you want to set, here's something usefull: (place your prices in that thing aswell, it is really good advertizement)

    *Hint* *Hint*
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  7. thank you guys! I will take all of your suggestions and questions!
  8. Great mall!