My life isn't going so well...

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  1. I have stress from school, my friend has a heart disease, and we don't know if he'll make it, and as of yesterday, the doctor discovered i had an ingrown toenail, so BYE BYE TOENAIL! (If you didn't get that, he took the toenail off my foot). So i won't be on EMC as much as i am :(
    It would be nice if you would pray or keep me in your thoughts. It really means alot to me
  2. Well, you won a silk touch pic! :)
  3. You'll be in my thoughts :/ Sucks man, I hope your mate beats that heart disease and don't let anyone get you down, everyone deserves to be happy! Well except.. you know.. bad people...

    While you go through this difficult time, check out /woodysgamertag on YouTube. He's a really good guy and exceptionally inspirational. Woody helps a lot of kids through bad times, so trying watching some of his Mail Monday videos for help.

    You'll get through this, EMC is a great community and we'll be here for you. :) Good luck.
  4. Iknow what you are going thru (except the nail thing)

    Few months ago my friend was beaten up by gang members and was in coma for 3days, and on the 3rd day he died from brain something. (Can't remember what it was called in english sorrey)

    My thoughts will go to your friend and his family&friends and I hope he will be okay again.

    You have to keep your head up, and think about brighter days. Be close to your friend/family who ever you know you are "safe" with and trust.

    Somethings life just sucks, and goes down hill but always remember think about the good things about life.

    Ps. Sorry for bad english, and if this didnt make sense at all, and I hope you know where I was going with this
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  5. We pray in your name, amen.
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  6. I will pray for your friend. It is sad. I to had a friend who's mom died of a heart disease.
    Hope your toenail gets better, and everything else heals up!
    See you on line hopefully.
    Your Pal, Hash98
  7. Once you take a toenail off it won't come back.

    I won't pray as I don't do anything god-related, but you'll be in my thoughts :)
  8. I know, but during the surgery of mine, when I lost one, my toe bled for days, I was talking about the skin underneath it.
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  9. Once my toenail broke completely and it grew back..
    After many months.. but it did..
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  10. If you get your toenail surgically removed every last bit of it is took out.
    If you break it there is a small chance there will a small bit left and it will grow back from that.
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  11. If you need any advice, i am the guys to call (my friends call me the magic 8 ball). I can help and give advice for any problem. Just shoot me a PM

  12. That's in MC life. not i real life :/

    Also, thank you guys So much for this. i though i was going to get alot of haters. But i'm happy to see i was wrong. It brings a tear to my eye when i read this. than ya'll so much :)
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  13. I hope your friend makes it through.
    I am starting high school this year but I have a feeling that it will give me something do do in my spare time. ( while I love minecraft and other stuff it's just not very productive IRL :))
    I also hope that your toenail grows back.
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  14. unless your a doctor, i really don't think that's correct
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  15. Hope your friend gets better, also your toenail should grow back I've lost my toenail lots and its always grown back.
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  16. Most definitely going to pray for ya bro. Also i feel sooo bad about your toenail.
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  17. Well, I am going to let you know I hope everything improves for you, which should certainly deliver a tangible increase to your mood :)
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  18. I your having a bad time look at a man called Nick vujicic, hes funny at the start but the end bit is really motivational, please give it a go.
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  19. I am sorry for you and your friend.
    Spend time with your friend, make sure they are comfortable, have fun with them.
    Sorry about your toe, it sounds painful.
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  20. i know who he is he's ALWAYS the one who makes me happy and encourages me :)
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