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  1. Hello! My in-game name is Miandros and I am fairly new to Minecraft in general, but I do know some crafting recipes and best ways to build. I am on SMP6.
  2. Welcome to the empire, Miandros! :)
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  3. Thank you both! And I do plan to stay longer than 5 nights lol.
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  4. I've already built a small base on my res, but I keep running out of resources ;) So I have to keep going back to the Wilderness.
  5. Also, I cannot currently login to the server, it says it's down for maintenance. Is it being updated to 1.9 at the moment?
  6. Welcome to the Empire Mineraft
    I think this is just a normal reboot.. but, you might be correct....
    and, you'ave got an EDIT "button" under your posts, so you don't have to double-post (my Englisch is bad, I know) (Double posting is Ilegal, it shouldn't be a problem now, but try to not do it)
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  7. Okay, thanks, I won't do it again. And I got on the server now, so I think it was just a reboot.
  8. hello welcome to the empire! we hope u like llamas as they will soon rule the world!
    also instead of going to the wild for rss go to the waste there u don't have to be nice, u can like raze the world and not worry bout it :)
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  9. lol, I like llama's fine. And thanks for the tip, I will do that. :)

    Oh, haha, I killed a skeleton in the Wastelands and I got a Unbreakable 3/Power 3 bow still at full strength. :)
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  10. Welcome! Be sure to look for a Giant Zombie or a flying skeleton, those are minibosses and have sweet custom loot.
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  11. Welcome to the EMC family :) If you need anything let us know
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  12. Thanks! And I will let you know if I need anything, although I really want to get everything on my own. (I've already had to do a bit of "shopping" ;) )
  13. Welcome awesome person, I am _FB_ or as everyone calls me... fBuilderS ;b Nice to meet you :D
    Not illegal, just frowned upon
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  14. Thank you! :) Nice to meet you too.
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  15. Hi Miandros. Welcome to the Empire. Enjoy your stay. :)
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  16. Thank you! :) I plan to! Only on the server for about a day, but I've had a lot of fun.
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