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  1. Hello all my In game name is "A_BlackSheep". I'm new to the server and to Minecraft as well. I am a married family man with two teenage kids and I live near Tampa, Florida. Feel free to say hello in game as I am a creature with social habbits.
  2. Welcome to the Empire...... Happy mining :)
  3. Welcome to the Empire! :)
  4. Welcome ! :)

    ( i'm not sure but isn't it pronounced "habits" ? )
  5. Welcome to the empire! :D

    Pronounced? Spelled, yes.
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  6. Welcome! It's great to see some more older players joining! I'm a stay-at-home Mom, also married. I play on smp5, feel free to chat with me if you are ever on smp5.
  7. Welcome! What server do you call home?
  8. Welcome!
    Hope you enjoy EMC! There are a bunch of 'older than kids' players on EMC, so you are not the only one!
    Hope to see ya around!
  9. Umm... I'm one of the more ancient oldies (OMG I've actually got two great-grandchildren). I'm currently on SMP7 :)
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  10. I've already told ya welcome in mumble, but i might as well do it here as well.

    Howdy and Welcome to the Empire! :)
  11. Welcome to EmpireMC! I hope you'll enjoy our custom features and items =)
  12. Hello to the Empire buddy, if your in need of anything please don't be scared to ask, everyone is friendly around so i hope you enjoy your time here :D
  13. Welcome to EMC. I'm also new to MC and over 30. You'll do just fine and enjoy it. Hit me up on smp 6 if you get over that way
  14. social habits are awesome, aren't they? lol
    must have conversation!
    p.s batman loves you.

    welcome to the best place evvvvaaaaaaaah!
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  15. We already met in Mumble earlier today, but Welcome to the Empire :)
  16. Welcome to the Empire! Can't wait to see ya ingame! :D
  17. Thanks for the warm welcome.
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  18. Welcome to EMC :)