My idea for a mob: Raccoon

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  1. I want a type of mob that steals from the player. I think a raccoon is a perfect fit.

    This is my list of ideas for the raccoon:
    -About 6 hearts worth of health
    -Steals one item per hit from player
    -Can be tamed with apples
    -Spawns on top of trees
    (Perhaps in groups of 2-3)

    If anyone has any questions, comments, or ideas, please feel free to leave a post on this thread.
    (Poll closes in 2 months...)
  2. Mojang has no affiliation with empire minecraft. They pay attention to /r/MinecraftSuggestions on reddit.
  3. Ehm, I suppose this would be doable. However, I'm pretty sure it would take Aikar a lot more work, work that should be put into dragontombs, and that the final product would not be.. eh, very satisfying to the eye I guess? Like SkyDragonv8 said, if you want an official raccoon added to minecraft, go to the reddit thingy he said. ^_^
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  4. Do they really, or is that just a PR coverup?
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  6. If you rearrange the letters of Empire and add/remove some letters, it spells Mojang :O
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  7. I just want to share this with the community here is all. I could care less if Mojang knew or not honestly. :rolleyes:
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    If you rearrange the letters of technologygeek and add/remove some letters it spells Llamas Inquietude simplicity terminated she compliment remarkably few her nay. The weeks are ham asked jokes. Neglected perceived shy nay concluded. Not mile draw plan snug next all. Houses latter an valley be indeed wished merely in my. Money doubt oh drawn every or an china. Visited out friends for expense message set eat.
    EDIT: Making random text is hard
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  9. Yeah,

    Q: Why are you all assuming that he is directing this at Mojang, Empire Minecraft has a talented team of coders who have been creating custom mobs for the empire already. I see this being more directed at such team more then at Mojang with clear consideration that this was posted onthe Empire Minecraft Forum instead of
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  10. ...
    Because what he is suggesting is on a scale the talented team of coders in empireminecraft can't do without taking in the least, two years. (Not really a team, unless you count two people as a team.)
  11. :confused: When it would be possible, it could never take 2 yearsO_O
  12. The problem with this is not that it would take Aikar a long time, it's impossible. Individual servers can't just create new mobs, all the players would have to have client-side mods installed to be able to see them. That's why our enraged/minibosses are pre-existing mobs with behavior/affect changes. So unless you're wanting the raccoon to be an already existing mob with its behavior changed, this would have to be done by Mojang. This would be a fun mob though.
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  13. I think you all might be getting off the track with this.

    The idea of the thread is to see what the community thought of my idea for Minecraft. I'm not worried about who can or has to create it, or if it ever is or not. That's why it's on this forum. :p

    Not saying the current discussion is bad though. Just a friendly reminder to be safe.
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