My first render

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  1. I made a Jar in Maya and then textured/rendered it in Keyshot. I only have the trial version so sorry for the ugly watermark, the cheapest version is 1000 dollars which I don't have.

    Feedback is liked!
  2. That looks really cool. The watermarks are very distracting though. Is there any particular reason you want to use keyshot over the competition?
  3. It looks pretty good, but I'd suggest a program that doesn't heavily watermark the output. Even the free version of Blender can make amazing renders with no watermarks.
  4. If you're going to dive into this (it's a pretty interesting hobby in my opinion) then it's definitely worth looking around. You can get much cheaper environments than Maya. Blender, Poser, Hexagon... just to name a few from the top of my head (though, in all honesty, I'm personally not much of a Blender fan ;)).

    But yeah, that render looks very cool! Hmm... gets me urges to play around a bit as well :) ha ha ha, nice one!
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  5. Tutorials I have looked at a lot use Keyshot.

    Maya actually also is really good at rendering, I just like the simplicity of Keyshot.

    I actually have Maya for free because of an Education License

    I got my license approved for a 30 day free trial of Keyshot, but with no watermarks and such, I am going to re-render it and I will post it when it's done. At a better angle and no watermarks.

    Thanks for the nice feedback guys!
  6. My newest render;
    This one is a wrench

    (I also made the model)
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  7. Looks good! Did you pay for the full version? There's no watermark here. ;)
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  8. That's pretty cool! I remember when I tried to use Maya. And then it didn't work.
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  9. The model is great! The material and lack of texture on it though make it look like the wrench is made of plastic. Is there a metal material you could put on the wrench to make it look more realistic?
  10. Yes very much so, but I am not the cleanest modeler and with those textures, things popped out a bit badly which I didn't like. So I went with this texture because for some reason it didn't show the bulges,
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  11. What should I model next?
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