My first post!!

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  1. Lets see...In 2014 I joined the Empire but never introduced myself to the community. Its nice to meet y'all!!!! =) I do plan to be more active here as well as in game and look forward to whatever the future brings to EMC....and to my family(KnightZer0ne,Superi0n,& LadyJaye) love you guys and here i am...better late than never!
  2. Welcome to the forums, I hope you enjoy this as much as you have enjoyed playing in-game for the last couple of years! :)
  3. Yes, here's a belated welcome to EMC! I hope the server has treated you well in the couple years. Keep playing your way! Lol
  4. Hello! :)
  5. Huh?
  6. You said hello, and the time when James May said hello came to mind :p
  7. You should've seen the video for it to make sense. Google "james may hello", should be easily findable. :)

    EDIT: whoops, forgot that this thread wasn't ablout that^ :p
    So, welcome to the forums! :)
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  8. It would make sense if he had seen the episode too, but I guess not all of us watch Top Gear ;) Yeah, not to derail this thread with James May or anything :p
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  9. I don't but I sometimes watch some of their videos on youtube, they're so funny (imo) :p

    And welcome to the forums, by the way! :) wait, didn't I say something similar already..? Whoops... :p
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  10. They do have good videos on YouTube :p Alright, enough about Top Gear xD And yes, you have... :rolleyes:
  11. Hey!
    It may be late but Welcome to EMC!! :D
  12. welcome to the empire!
  13. Welcome to EMC, smp4 rules.
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  14. That must be your punch line lol I feel that Smp 1&2 rule the most =P
  15. Hello!

    I am FoxyRavenger, but people call me foxy for short. I run around smp7 and I am sure that you seen me around. Well welcome your stay because you have stayed longer than five nights.
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  16. Welcome to the forums! Love the name.
  17. Although we already know each other, I couldn't go without giving you the proper welcome... :)

    Welcome to the Forums!!!
    If you need any help with building, redstone, etc, you know where to find me... :)
  18. Hi Musical. Great to meet you. Welcome to the forums, a fun place to spend time. :)
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  19. *high fives* 2014 player! Yea! (Just like me) Welcome to the forums. :)