[My Final Giveaway]+[Res Griefing]

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  1. My time to leave EMC has finally come (Edit: I have decided not to leave the forums just the servers). But this is not a goodbye thread, it is a giveaway thread. Simply choose a number between 1-50 to enter. The winner will receive my all of my rupees (which will probaly be about 29k), a Big Daddy helmet, two Ore Buster pickaxes, two beacons, an EMC Firework, and a ten minute head start at the res griefing.

    The griefing of my res (1800) and giveaway will take place on May 7th. There isn't much, but there are a few enchanted tools and crap load of stone brick.

    After the res griefing, I will unclaim my res. Please disregard my entry into any giveaways.

    I would like to thank Justin and Jeremy for creating this server that I have sunk so much time into.

    To the members of Sunstreak Islands, I have already taken all the locks off of my chests. Feel free to loot them and destroy my cabin.

    All numbers are taken.

    The Numbers:

    1. jacob5089
    2. jrm531
    3. 333kirby
    4. pateraterick
    5. marklea
    6. Blockaroni
    7. Choongjae
    8. creepincreepers7
    9. jtc0999
    10. nick_godoy
    11. OrigamiJoe
    12. PRO_G4NGST4
    13. Terr
    14. sonicol1
    15. platt16
    16. MVPworldseries
    17. gearmaster08
    18. Crazy1800
    19. PortalShoo2er
    20. HxCami10
    21. cddm95ace
    22. WeirdManaico
    23. BilboBaggins23
    24. uglydragon24
    25. KrisXM4Y0
    26. lukas3226
    27. Steven7485
    28. zh88
    29. Jeanzl2000
    30. SILVERMAN2
    31. JaydenFerrerr123
    32. MasterMockery32
    33. TheMinner333
    34. samrawcliffe2
    35. Talukegord
    36. ninjaboy5656
    37. kritacal
    38. jrlizard
    39. nick5013
    40. dandandondo
    41. superg64
    42. Electrobomb
    43. AmusedStew
    44. TheTrufflehunter
    45. collect12
    46. redwing2000
    47. Hash98
    48. penfoldex
    49. Ahzeriel
    50. Slip_Stream

    Also, what are the commands to give a specific person all flags and everyone all flags?
  2. 7... And.... Bye.. D:

  3. I'm sorry to see you go hylian :(
    The command is /res set flag true
    I don't need a number... :(
  4. 23.
    Bye! We will miss you:)
  5. 41 and why are you leaving? If there is no HylianNinja who will be the one to HylianNinja us?
  6. 17. Why you leaving??
    (enter 17 for gearmaster08)
    to give everyone build flags: /res set build true
    to give everyone container flags: /res set container true
    to give everyone ------ flags: /res set ------ true
  7. sorry to see you go
  8. 33 Why you leave D:
  9. Could I take #18 please?

    And you shouldn't destroy such a beautiful res. The # is magnificent.
  10. Aw man, don't go. D: Oh well, guess I'll take number 36.
  11. bye..... sorry to see you leave
  12. 24 sorry to hear that you are leaving :( hope you had a fun time while it lasted though!
  13. 19, please! :DDD
    Sad to see you leave, I wish you the best! :DDDDD
  14. 3, sad to see you go man :(
  15. 49 please, sorry to see you go. =(
  16. You will be missed :/ Any number plz. If possible number 10 :/
  17. Sad to see another player leaving. :(
    Number 26 please, thanks
  18. can i please have 32? i know we don't know each other much, but from the amount i've talked to you, you were always a cool person. I am gonna miss you!!!
  19. 34, bye brotha :(
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  20. 39 pl0x
    It was fun while it lasted.