My experience in EMC the past 2 days!!!

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  1. Heya! I'm Tuqueque, as many of you know, and I wanted to write my adventures/hype my last 2 days in MC.

    So it all started Monday, I was preetyfying my nether rail, and I stumbled upon a nether fortress. I went to explore it, and I saw a blaze spawner, so i went back to my base and gathered resources to makes a basic xp grinder. When I went back, I noticed something that hyped my day. It was:

    Water! (btw, to those nubs out there, water has been unplaceable in nether since Minecraft 1.3!!!!!!!!!(or so)) SO I immediatly changed my plans, i made a kinda basic, probably not efficient, Blaze Farm that has water!!!!!! This was an awesome experience. Here are some pictures of what I made:

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  2. Cya :( I wish you well in RL
    Edit: I read that wrong..
    Well yes awesome.. Still trying to figure out water in nether...
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  3. Nice. I know a spot with water in the frontier. Hope this wasn't taking hat spot :p
  4. Oh.. I thought same, better edit my comment :p
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  6. I too, totally thought you were leaving…
  7. Lol sorry, didnt know actually where to put it, so since it was kinda of a journal then i chose the writer corner section.
  8. Blaze Farms with water? O-o Impressive. I haven't even seen smp8s farm yet. Thanks for reminding me ;) Nice farm.
  9. I too have found a precious water source in the nether. Mine however, was not near any spawner.
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  10. Is it here? :p

  11. Almost looks like Uranus. Cool.
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  12. So you actually aren't leaving? Such click-bait. :p
  13. Lol, i just realized what the tiyle means, what I meant was like "My experience the past 2 days"
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