My Birthday

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Its My Birthday, can i nibble your nose now?

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Yes 10 vote(s) 55.6%
No (aka Yes in disguise) 8 vote(s) 44.4%
  1. Seeing as my mom went ahead and told people i just thought i would announce its my birthday today, not the best day since its Friday 13th but oh well. But yeah just announcing its my birthday so i can get free ice cream from all of you.
    That was the deal ok, i talk and you give me ice cream, hey hey hey don't blame me if you didn't read the fine print that is sooooo tiny you can't see it even though its totally there somewhere.

    Complainers have to give me double the ice cream!

    Or cake, cakes good too. Makes more sense actually.
  2. So your birthday is the day before Valentine's Day, huh?

    There have to be stories behind this. TELL ME ALL THE THINGS
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  3. There's a 5 gallon bucket of vanilla ice cream in the freezer, and I used to be a cook. How about a cherry pie baked inside a chocolate cake... Pake and ice cream for your birthday.
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  4. Yep, makes it easy to remember, not that i would forget my birthday. I had a best friend i grew up with whos birthday was on the 9th, we used to have ours together.
  5. Happy birrthhhdaaayyyy!
    I don't have any ice cream-too cold
    I don't have any cake-gave it to my friend, it was her birthday. :)
    Would hot chocolate and marshmallows be ok? :p
  6. That would be awesome :D Some for my mom as well too if possible.
  7. Happy B'Day NamiMay! Hope u have an AWESOME day!! Oh yeah, & here's some cake for ya. :p bdaycake.jpg
  8. Happy birthday, my friend.
  9. Happy Birthday Nami, sorry no cake or ice cream here, but have a great day. :)
  10. Haha! Happy Birthday NamiMay! May the day be great and fun to remember! Woo!!!
  11. happy birthday plz dun nibble mai nose
  12. Oh yeah, and Happy Birthday Nami :D
  13. You can nibble my nose! :D
    Where should I deliver the ice cream?
  14. Hmmm not sure, with this random weird smp war thats going on it might be best to throw the ice cream at them to cool off.
    And thank you for all the happy birthday wishes ^-^
    Your noses are safe with me!
    Well anyone who commented here is safe from me taking their nose, others are not safe.....
  15. Happy Birthday! :)
  16. Ok ok Pineapple just put the axe down......
    I have cake here, want some cake?
    But you will have to put the axe down to have some
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  17. gib cake