My 500th day on EMC. Wow.

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  1. Wow.

    I'm really this old?

    Holy crap.

    Face it Hash, your old.

    I don't know, but I would just like to say thank you. Thank you sooo much. Thank you to ICC, Justin, all the mods of EMC, fluffinator09, gwormn, and especially all the players of EMC. They are what make EMC EMC. And you can't top that.

    Ever since I joined EMC, the community was friendly. From me being shown my residence (walking distance) to players saying hello to me as I log on. It really meant a lot.

    Now for the noob days talk. When I saw Minecraft for the very first time, I said, screw the airsoft guns, that is going to be my next passion. I got an account and the first thing I did was get onto EMC. No Lie. It was amazing. They had their own public library, a shop(100r for a sapling!?!?! Really Justin?), and pool. Once I found out how to see who is on, I asked someone for help. They gladly helped me and told me everything. They told me about residences, the wild, and I was happy as can be. I soon told my friends about the server, and the got addicted to. It was, and still is, amazing.
    Lol, brewingmaster, remember I got lost about 30 blocks from the spawn? And I offered 4 redstone, my old possesions besides a wooden pick, to whoever could find me? Lol, those were the good ole days. I remember the mob arena server. It was awesome. And I remember my old pool. 3 blocks deep. Stone flooring. I remember my first time mining. Got super angry over loosing 1 iron because I didn't know I had to use a stone pick to mine it. And I remember my first outpost with fluffinator09 and gwormn. So small. 1 furnace, crafting table, wooden plank walls, redstone torches( we thought they prevented mobs from comming near, yes, we were noobs with a capital N.), and it was all on ice. Big mistake. As soon as we put a torch down we drowned. Like bosses of course. And no, I am not a druggy. I got my name because I ate about 10 hashbrowns for breakfast one morning with gwormn and his parents called me hash from that point on. I didn't know it had a second meaning untill I made an xbox live account. Now I get hundreds of messages from people like xXdrugloverXx saying, "Were you wanna meet up?". LoL.

    Anyways. EMC is awesome. It is great in every aspect. You can do anything. You can be anything.

    I look forward to the years ahead of myself on EMC...wether it be killing a wither or reading another ban appeal.

    I will always be there for everyone, no matter what.

    Thanks everyone,


  2. Oh and I know there are probably tons of grammar mistake in this, but I just got done from a 5 hour car drive... all I did was sleep. And now my eyes are burning.

    lava walls
  3. Congratulations, you are old.
    The ripe old age of 500 days.
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  4. As I said earlier, happy 500 days!
    I lol'd at this. Good story. :)
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    Congrats. Your older then all of us... I can't believe your not a staff member actually xD
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  6. omg! your OLD! ewwwww! xD
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  7. Gratz man
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  8. Green_Mystery is the same age as you, if you didn't know.
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  9. Green's older…isn't he? Green joined before /p was created..
  10. Ooh nice hash... Congrats. :)
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  11. So did we t
    So did we technically.
    And I thank you for the mention. And I remember myself list about as soon as I got out of Spawn XD
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  12. Wow.... How come I never heard of you before >.<
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  13. You forgot to thank GameKribJeremy, without him EMC wouldn't have been complete :)
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  14. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    OMG u have the same Birthday as me!
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  15. ICC is GameKribJeremy -.-
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  16. I don't know about that, maybe, but I remember a lot of veteran ayers getting on as noobs.
  17. Those were the good days, only like thirty of us ever on the server and a few every once in a while on the Arena server.
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  18. Well, if I was a staff member...nvm....just ask fluff...
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