My 2000th post. My forum Journey and AMA

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  1. So. For my 2000th post I have decided to detail what happened to me on the empire. It won't be the most exciting post but I will make one on my 365th day.

    So on March 25 I made my first thread(don't bump or the spirit of JackBiggin2 will haunt you forever!). Aikar and the Guy himself replied to the thread. I had a grudge against Aikar for some reason from that. But there is no reason now as he is ruining the economy and making people move to the peaceful wild where I live. Erm... So I joined the LLO on May 15 and helped make it the longest thread in EMC history. I am now one of the most active members in the LLO. In mid August I got Gold Supporter and have made a bit more money. I am in the process of creating a Wild Outpost on smp4(Announcement soon) and in creating a company to do advanced redstone and things like that. I am also getting ready to pay for the EMC Community Centre on res 15242 on smp7(no move flag).

    So on my 365th day I will make a better post of my life on the empire.

    So thanks Justin(make sure you read this) and IcC for making an epic server. And I will mention a few cool people I have met over this time; IcC, Aikar, Shaunwhite1982, Green_Mystery, zulu9, shavingfoam, Dwight5173, PandasEatRamen, ISMOOCH, Jakres, Bu11dawg, penfoldex, SecretAznEks, Mrlegitislegit and countless others.

    So that was it. Oh also use this thread as an AMA for me.

    And the thread title is May 200th post. It is meant to be my. I will get that changed sometime.
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  2. As always...

    And also what kind?

    EDIT: First trollolol
  3. You do realize that someone is going to bump that thread now.
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  4. I'm just waiting for that to happen. Sittin' here. Waiting.
  5. Thats going to be funny if they do.
  6. Pie, I like cheese and bacon pies.
  7. Nope!
  8. Everyone like the above post!
  9. Do you have any new plans for an epic build on a new res or perhaps a new outpost on one of the smp's?
  10. An epic build on my second res yes. and an outpost on smp4.
  11. Okay will do ;)
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  12. I see what you did there >.>
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