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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by mba2012, Mar 25, 2012.

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  1. I am just beginning to work on a huge hotel on smp7. I am looking for any donations. Mostly of stone and glass but rupees would be great and I would also like some other items. I will keep you updated as to what is happening with it. It has not gone vertical at this stage. To donate please visit 15243. Thanks! I'll post pictures soon.
  2. I'd recommend moving to another server. Check 14140 I have already finished my hotel some days ago. And you really can't get it filled, people don't like hotels anymore.
  3. My plan is to have a mega store and other feature integrated with it in other residences surrounding. But I'll check out your hotel for some tips.
  4. Please don't ask for donations, no one likes it.
  5. I built my hotel on SMP6 by myself, with my own rupees and mining. Its a much better feeling of accomplishment if you do it this way! Feel free to check my hotel out for tips for your own (SMP6 12142)
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  6. Thats the same I did :) I had no help with it and its the highest hotel in EMC
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  7. What's your res # ?
  8. 14140 on SMP7
  9. Me and cod4hoogie are working on a hotel complex on smp6 v 12150 to see :)
  10. Don't advertise on other people's threads guys :)
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  11. Annoying as all ways.
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  12. Yeeppppp, that's me.

    Imagine if it was your post, and someone comes along and advertises on it?
    It is against the forum rules, and as a member of the community I am inforcing the rule.
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  13. The fact that you're putting Alex down for trying to keep the rules enforced and leaving some dignity for this person that asked for help just shows your low maturity level. It is EXTREMELY rude to put someone down for trying to abide by the rules, whether they are a mod or not.
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  14. While no one may "like" this. He may be new and using his resources to ask for donations. There is nothing wrong with this, if you can not, or choose not to donate so be it, but don't put him down for trying to get some help. I remember being in his shoes as I did not start as a supporter, and i needed help plenty of times. Granted he CAN go mine the materials if need be, they are out there, he is allowed to ask for help. :)
  15. nightmare32808 I have nothing against you but try the edit button next time :) 2 posts look less nice.
  16. It may not look "nice" as you put it, but I certainly did not spam the thread. I had a point to make to 2 different people, therefore there are 2 posts. I personally feel it look less nice to have a post replying to multiple people at once. That's my preference. Not to mention each post was pertaining to something different, I feel if I DO chose to post a thread with multiple responses, it should be based on the same topic. But that's beside the point. This person is looking for help in gathering material, Mba2012, please contact me in game if I'm on and I would be more than happy to donate and assist you if possible.
  17. I donate to people i like helping people but i dont have much
  18. I suppose :) Taken into account :p
    When the person is a supporter, however, I hit my computer ;)
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  19. I totally agree there, if you're a supporter of any kind there is no real reason to take donations. :p
  20. Ok ok. I'm just a new member, should u be listening to a new member?
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