My 110th Day Fishing Party!!

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Will you be attending this event?

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  1. Ok guys this is my first time posting a thread on the EMC website so bare with me here.
    I am hosting my first ever party In celebration of me being on EMC for 110 days!!
    Join me on Saturday February 28th 3:30 EMC time. Not sure what time it is? Do /time to find out when to come! The residence this will be hosted at is #4090 on Smp 2!!!!

    If you don't own a fishing rod, no worry's just buy one when you get there! I sell fishing rods for 20 rupee's at my Residence!! There will be music to listen to { Yes i have Cat } and many things to catch in the water!!
    Maybe you will be lucky and get something rare, you never know.

    There will be a little Game that will be played while fishing!! Who's the funniest fish in the sea? Thats right NEMO!!
    { I will have a bill board with tons of item frames on it and when ever you get a nemo, you put it on the wall and at the end of the party i will count them up and see how many we got! }

    You DO NOT have to participate in this game but it would be awesome if you did!!

    [ Please contact in game if you have any questions if I'm not online just leave a comment under the post, if you have a fishing rod please bring it and HAVE FUN AT MY PARTY!! ]

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  2. Nice, gotta love fishing ;)
    Grats on 110 days :p
  3. thanks!! i don't really know what I'm doing first time, does it make sense?
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  4. Yay I hope I will be there! Congrats on 110 Days!
  5. Seems I should be able to make it where time is concerned, so I'll definitely try to come over. I like fishing, and who knows; maybe I can actually restock my shop this way :D
  6. This sounds like a really kewl idea. Congrats on your 100 days. :cool:
  7. thanks so much guys for your support!! please tell all your friends about it it would make me so happy!! :)