My 1 Year Anniversary Giveaway and More!

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  1. Hey EMC!

    Today I was around on the forum, and I saw a lot of New Years/Christmas giveaways, as well as birthdays and anniversaries for EMC (and some irl anniversaries :) congrats). I did /p EmoryCrafts, when I realized...

    Because of this I would like to host a Giveaway. Many of you might have known, that my SMP7 residence went derelict after I took a short break from EMC. I lost my promos and even my Thank You Voting Certificate :(. Luckily, my Utopia residence survived, but there wasn't much on it.
    This giveaway won't be an all-out promo thing like some of you guys did. (Unless people are willing to give donations :)) I've got some items and some rupees, and I would just like to do something to show my appreciation for EMC and the EMC community. (As well as celebrating at the same time :))

    Now, that was a LONG post you just read. Good for you! Time for the fun stuff.

    DO NOT pick a number. Your post # will be the one I will use for randomizing. No Alts please. If I find you have an alt, you will be immediately DQed. In your post, put either:
    1) The favorite part of your holiday this year, or
    2) Your favorite memory of EMC this year.

    1st Place
    6k rupees & 1/3 of donation rupees
    Assorted Items (including any donations)

    2nd Place
    3k rupees & 1/3 of donation rupees
    Assorted Items (including any donations)

    3rd Place
    1k rupees & 1/3 of donation rupees
    Assorted Items (including any donations)

    Deadline: Sunday, Jan. 10. However if I haven't picked winners yet, still feel free to enter.

    Donations would help SO much! If you want to contribute with rupees, rupee donations will be spread across the 3 prizes. If you want to donate items, then put them into the access chest at my residence.

    While you're at my residence, feel free to check out my (unfinished) mall. I'll need lots of help, and I'm trying my best to open a cheap, organized, and convenient mall for everyone. (Also look forward to a free sheep shearing place!)

    Good luck to everyone!
  2. Favorite part of holiday: watching the very very slow EMC ball drop =P
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  3. Favorite part of my holiday: spending some quality time with my girlfriend :$
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  4. Favorite part was having that new years thang on emc
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  5. Cool giveaway
    EDIT: I apparently am blind :p My favorite part of the holiday season was seeing family and playing tennis with on of my good friends. We didn't win the tournament, but I still had a ton of fun :)
  6. Favorite thing about the holiday season? Making a Blizz Ard farm, of course! :D
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  7. My favorite EMC memory last year was the New Years Party (was mostly inactive last year so not much to go on)
  8. Favourite EMC memory was meeting my girlfriend for the first time :D
  9. I was never able to experience a "Ball Drop" from a Minecraft perspective. Quite interesting to say that the ball was "Mostly" in tact. (Ah Kryssy I will never give up on that :p)

    I've haven't experienced something on EMC in a long time which was all new voices on mumble and Aikar creating his infamous Death event. Heh, he even said that "You all better not complain for another Death event for another 4 months." I found that quite hysterical.

    I will say this, my best memory is joining back in EMC. :')
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  10. My favorite EMC memories, Meeting good people, going to events & fighting Momentus & Marlix :D
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  11. Since I came back after my 1 year break, my favorite memory is to have met all these the new players on EMC and getting new friends on here.
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  12. I think my favorite memory of EMC has been meeting some wonderful people in game and then irl! Thanks for the giveaway :)
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  13. Bump! Still lots of time to enter!
  14. ^

    Lazy post for the win
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  15. Well, I quite enjoyed filling my res with poppies for remembrance day (they're still there if you want to look) I also enjoyed out of the blue deciding to change my plans and rip down my res I was working quite hard on.
    But obviously, since I am quite the nubleton and haven't been here a year. Joining this community was a very good memory.
    Good luck to everyone!
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  16. Well my favorite thing about the holidays is having quality time with my family and on EMC I love to celebrate New Years and Christmas with the lovely players :D
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  17. Wow! So many awesome memories of EMC!
    I can't believe I'm missing out on so much stuff :eek:
  18. Bump!
    It's a free giveaway!
  19. My favorite memory of EMC this year was Aikar's recent death event...
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