My 1 Million Rupee challenge Log

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  1. And hello all once again! I'm not making a new thread, because... why make a second? This is however a second 'try' at this little challenge. My rupees balance is about 558k right now, only around 150k+ from my last rupee endeavor. The last time I did this was quite honestly a failure, my own personal reasons finding excuses. This time I'm going into this challenge with a slightly better mindset and attitude, if I only do 50% of the job, I'll still hit a million! I will mainly be using my newly built amazing stone generator. I'll try to be a bit better with pictures but worst comes to worst, I'll be able to take a screenshot of my sign in bonus. So, my goal is going to be 1,088,000 (the extra 30k is to somewhat balance out the sign in bonus) and the challenge and screenshots will end... February 25.
    Day 0 (original balance before challenge)

    End of day 1 (first day over - goal completed)

    End of day 2 (second day over - goal completed)

    End of day 3 (third day over - goal completed)

    End of day 4 (fourth day over - goal surpassed :D)

    End of day 5 (fifth day over - goal met)

    End of day 6 (sixth day over - goal met)

    End of day 7 (seventh day over - goal met)

    End of day 8 (eighth day over - goal surpassed :D)

    End of day 9 (ninth day over - goal surpassed :D)

    End of day 10 (tenth day over - goal reached)

    End of day 11 (eleventh day over - goal reached)

    End of day 12 (twelfth day over - goal reached)

    End of day 13 (thirteenth day over - goal reached) ONE MILLION :D :D :D
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  2. So, won tym, iscremco an justengui r walk in wyld, an they c crepor, crepor asplod an they dy.
    Heheh, just kidding, such a noble cause, my dear friend, I shall support this giveaway by donating you the huge amount of 10 rupees.

    No, for real now, nice contest, I might upload something :)
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  3. Cool, will donate! ;)
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  4. How you shall pull this off I do not know..
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  5. Haha, wrong thread? Did you mean to post that here?

    Time, devotion, and a lack of social life outside of school :)

    I'm not really looking for donations, that's not in the spirit of this... but thanks a ton for your generosity!
  6. I shall donate 100k

    That'll save you about 10 hours :F
  7. Nope, I'll return any donations. That's not in the spirit of this haha
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  8. But . . .

    " Time is ticking "

  9. +1.3k from support
    +all the items you got you can sell for profit
  10. Yes, I have factored supporting in. It's really only around 35,000r though, so not a major deal... with any luck I'll earn the amount over from 1 million, I know I sound really optimistic though...
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  11. The only way I see you getting 1m from 0...without HAVING ANYTHING AT ALL is 0%.

    You could achieve this if you already have a something with lots of stuff to sell.
  12. You know what, How about you make a imgur album and post all of your rupee logs there. 100%
  13. Be jealous. IcC loves me. Try to get a larger donation from him than i did, and i will be very impressed.
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  14. LIEZ!
    Give me your password, I'll get in yo account and see it myself!(jkinlol)
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  15. Can't beat that, or you'll be breaking the laws of Java. (Hence my negative count)
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  16. I am quite impressed!:D Lol
  17. I'll take it! :D
    No really. I'm serious.
    No other grey text here... lol
  18. Why is it that number.. It's the same number as the max cash of a Game that I remember (I just remember the first four lol)
    And what does Java have to do on this?
  19. That number is the highest possible value of a 32-bit Integer, Java uses a 32-bit Interger and therefore that's the maximum - All games that run on 32bit will have this same problem. Seeing as EMC has to run off 32bit (Sadly) that therefore is the max, Hopefully - one day everyone will move to 64bit in which case the max would be 2 to the power of 64 (18 quintillion in plain english)
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  20. Copy of Capturgfsfgre.PNG


    Edit: Aww... JoshPosh beat me to it.
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