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  1. Hello players of minecraft! I've decided to give myself the ridiculous challenge of earning 1 million rupees in one month, and after giving money to where it will do well, I've been left with exactly 250,000r. I will be giving away this sum throughout 5 winners of this contest,

    1-Enter your Halloween costume! It has to be a picture of you wearing it, but I don't care if you blur your face, crop it out, or whatever... Just have the costume!

    2-Write a scary story within 1000 words, I want actually scary, not "1 tym iccremco and justengui go 2 wild and c creper then dy cuz scard" :D

    3-Enter a Halloween skin you've made in minecraft!

    4-Another Halloween picture one, Post a picture of your halloween decorations! If you've put some outside of your house, simply go out and take a picture, and place it on this thread!

    I will be picking 1 winner from each of these, besides #1 which will produce 2 winners.

    You may post these pictures until November 2nd, sorry for the short entry time... but hey, pictures only take 10 seconds to take and after a while there won't be much to photograph :)

    I'll be picking them, but I'll try to be as fair as possible. That's all, go ahead and post now! I'll post a picture of me and my stupid squid hat costume, along with my houses decorations... be prepared...

    EDIT: You may enter more than one section of this! Enter four times for a chance at 200,000r!
  2. Err i'll enter the writing contest but i'll leave a warning it might not be for the faint of heart.
  3. Heh Heh Heh Time to make a Slenderman story!
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  4. Also are we allowed to enter more than one contest like the writing contest and the create a halloween minecraft skin?
  5. 1nce upon a time justinguy wuz headin to da wilderness out of nowere appered a meltin cow wiv a stik up its bottom da cow den disapez magicly. justin haz no idear were it wnt...... it den turned out the cow used an enderpearl.... da end

    Next JK.rowling here :)

    I'll get to work on the real one soon - Maybe >.)
  6. You've earned 4 2 likes for that beautiful story. Heart breaking, have no idea how you came up with it :O

    Haha, forgot 2 of my own passwords, only remember my brothers. Oh well, 2 likes for you :)
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  7. I changed the OP, thanks for asking! That's a yes, to save ya time haha
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  8. Here's mine. It's not this year's costume, but I don't really plan on dressing up this year. This was taken at a themed "Zombie Apocalypse" party, and I went as a Zombie Nurse From outer Space.

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  9. Ooh, yes. Scary stories…:D
  10. That is an epic beard.
  11. Me and the GF doing the Monsters Inc. thing.

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  12. this is my skin i made i worked hard so please take a look im going to wear on smp2 so look out my username is bickmman plus ive seen you kev a lot on smp2 as well

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  13. oh, i cant enter....... this shouldn't be set up so only adults can enter. im not in collage, you wont see me writing an essay about Halloween, and i cant enter m house decor. because i don't own one ( i don't have anything outside the house i live in either )
  14. except for the picture of yourself ... i don't think the rest is valid ... he was kindof meaning to 'write' your 'own' story ... and take pictures of 'your' house ... just saying
  15. None of this is mine. Everything I posted has "mine" and at top says ignore and in bottom says none of this is mine.
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  16. hehe - everyone looks so cool so far ... me though - we want be doing any halloween stuff until tomorrow ... as of now we're still stuck out our house from the blizzard ... :)
  17. You look just like your profile pic except for the black hair.
  18. No.. o.o?
  19. Heres my Halloween skin for the contest: yup that.png
  20. Peanut from Jeff Dunham :)

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