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from 1-10, how would you rate my map?

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  1. so I made a PVE map, and would like you all to play it and give me some tips, or even ideas or just play it for fun, please note I haven't made a map in a while, so don't judge :p



    guys, if you played it,please vote :)
  2. I would say it needs to have a sense of progression, like for example, in each arena you get a token which you can trade with a villager for custom items.

    The ocean arena needs a lot of balance, it is almost impossible to do anything or even move there because we don't have any enchants of armor, and too many guardians at once. I had to give myself depth strider 1 to at least make it playable. This part is too much based on the Gapple game due to the high quantity of beams, no real skill is required, just a boring eat Gapple try to hit something repetition. Allow the player to get a ranged weapon, or come up with a way for the player to at least shield themselves from the beams.
    For future development, maybe instead of making arenas per world, make arenas per biome, that way it is much more customizable, and many different types of battles can happen.

    Lightning should be worked on the paths. Glitchy sometimes.

    Also, creeper blew up while fighting the last room, destroyed it. Maybe turn off mob griefing
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  3. hmmm, ok I will add your upgrades in version 2.0 :) it will be out soon :)
  4. Uh? Do you want to use the Windows command prompt for editing your Minecraft map? Or do you mean a Minecraft command?
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  5. It's ok, but I'd have expected a little more failsaves.

    For example; if you make an adventure map then be sure to put players into adventure mode instead of survival mode, this will prevent them from breaking the map (which I did :D ). It wasn't really clear if you were allowed to do this, so that's what I did in the beginning in order to kill the pigmen & blazes. Then I realized that you were meant to kill them in the next room.

    It might also make sense to use teleporters. Going to the shop basically means walking around the entire map, which is a bit tedious, but it also somewhat spoils the level because you can basically get to the end right away. I think it would make more sense to separate the shop from the end portal and only give players access to exit the shop after they killed all the mobs in between. I also missed this in the end room.

    Basically you can go to the shop, click the button and you finished the map ;)

    Another thing, but that could be just me, I think the game is unbalanced. I easily got through the overworld because most of that is melee combat and a gapple makes you pretty much invincible (you basically don't need it because it's pretty easy to strafe in the last rooms and heal by eating food), but you don't really get anything useful to fight the ender dragon.

    I'd have expected to get a decent bow at least, but nothing. So the best you can do is get building blocks, then build your way up to the command block and kill the dragon using that. It works but it's not what I'd consider a fun survival mechanic.

    So my suggestion is to add a villager which sells bows. 1st tier a regular bow (1 sponge) 2nd tier a bow with infinity (for example) at a higher price and for a more hefty price you can give them a god bow. Maybe only unlock the villager when the player actually killed an x amount of mobs?

    That would also add more value in trying to obtain more money (sponges).

    Some other tips: definitely look into advancements. It can seriously help you to guide a player along a map, give them specific rewards (or power ups) and yah.. to spice up your game a bit. You may also benefit from checking up on loot tables. That can help you to make the money drop a bit more random'ish. So maybe 1 - 3 for a regular guardian and higher drops for elder (?).

    But that's just a idea, your current approach with hand items works quite nicely and it's pretty keen I think!

    So yeah, fun map. Thanks for sharing!
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  6. ok, so in 3.0 (4.0 soon, which ill fix the things you mentioned) i added more villager shops, imcluded a bow, and some good(ish) arrows, with wood (or wool,i dont remember) and a few other things, ill work on 4.0 very soon, ill update it here when its done :)
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  7. Oh, forgot to mention: if there's something I can help you with just ask. I know that advancements can be tricky to get started with (you don't want to know how much that wiki page got changed just to try and get the point across a little bit better :cool:) but I'm pretty familiar with most of the stuff I commented about (though loot tables still give me a headache from time to time) :)

    And also don't let my suggestions and slight criticism demotivate you. Because all in all I meant what I said above: it is a fun map, and it can definitely turn into something bigger. You got to start somewhere afterall! :)
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  8. So yeah...

    My friend Aya also discovered this thread, saw I played it and wanted to play as well. Fortunately I happen to run a (private) server (mostly for experimenting and stuff) so we figured we'd give this a try together.

    It takes getting used to, but we had fun! Aya spawned on the top of the build but the signs showed her the way down.

    And now I also know why that chest was there:

    Well, she really prepared herself, I can tell you that. I kinda ran through the whole thing when I played but Aya sorted out the XP bottles and even upgraded her stuff!

    They do say diamonds are a girls best friend ;)

    Collecting XP to enchant some gear...

    Figured I'd spoiler this to prevent too many images to load at once.

    And as was to be expected (Aya is a veteran player) she had little trouble killing all the mobs in the first room but... just like me she also started to try and dig around the walls to find the hidden switch. But eventually....

    We made it to the next room. Depth Strider really helped here and the guardians were gone before I reached this level (I have an excuse! I was getting a cup of coffee, honest!)

    And done! :cool:

    But we had fun, and that's all which matters right?


    I think this says it all:

    And well, after defeating the Ender dragon just like the Order of the Stone did (in Minecraft story mode) Aya felt pretty confident:

    "auch" :p

    So yeah... we had fun! As said before: thanks for sharing, I think it's really getting somewhere.

    Also important: we really enjoyed the sphere builds. Aya spawned outside the build after getting out of the end so she suddenly spotted those, then I walked towards that too and well... We did 'cheat' a little bit (I had to let her back in) but we really laughed it out when all those little dudes came after us :) That was really fun!

    I'm not going to share pictures and won't say another thing about this anymore because I don't want to spoil the surprise. But we both thought that the sphere fights were really awesome!
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  9. lol, that dying was pretty weird.. I did get through the portal, saw the credits and then only after that this happened:

    but it was a fun map!
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  10. I'm loving the engagement here. :D
    Honestly, at first, I was afraid nobody would take the time to actually check it out. :)
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  11. thanks guys, and the slight critism? nah dont worry! if you dont let me know whats wrong i cant help!! so thanks, and im about 40% done with 4.0, ill fix the room problem, and if you want or need anything else added to make gameplay more fun/better, pls let me know!
    and lol, ShelLuser :p
    " (you don't want to know how much that wiki page got changed just to try and get the point across a little bit better :cool:) "

    alright, ill let you all know when its finished, and ill make the chest more obvius :)

    and guys, if you think something should be added to the domes, please let me know!!

    EDIT im going to make a 1-way door to get in in the case of spawning outside :)
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  12. map 4.0 is out now!!!

    link at top of page