Must choose one.

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  1. Fight to the death
    Superman Vs Thor
    Deadpool Vs Batman
    Green Lantern Vs Iron Man
    IcecreamCow Vs Aikar
  2. Well...... I.... don't..... even....
    I think deadpool would win against batman because he can get blown up and still survive, and batman would eventually get weaker. I'm lost for all the others.
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  3. Superman vs Thor: Superman, he is more industrutable. Though I'd be rooting for Thor
    Deadpool vs Batman: Not knowledgable enough about Deadpool to pick
    Green Lantern vs Iron Man: Iron Man, he's cooler :cool:
    IcC vs Aikar: I think IcC's TNT would win....but it's hard to say
  4. Deadpool is crazy, uses swords and guns, teleportation, healing factor comes into play as well. He also makes goofy jokes and comments the whole time.

    Hard decision for me :(.
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  5. Deadpool
    Iron man
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  6. Thor
    Deadpool. :3
    Eh.. Iron Man?
    Aikar. ( I better be getting a momentus spawn soon for this aikar. :mad: xD )
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  7. Icecreamcow. He can blow up aikar's emeralds with his TNT any day.
  8. I say they make a Minecraft Video about ICC and Aikar battling.
  9. Ironman beats all of them

    Just cause he's awesome
  10. Superman vs Thor would be a good battle. A demi-God (or possibly full on God) vs an alien. Hmmm...I say draw. Supes would likely be able to pick up Mjolnir, and I imagine they'd find common ground. If I absolutely had to pick, I'd go Thor. An alien killed Superman, a God would do close to the same. Mjolnir would level him. And doesn't magic mess Supes up? I think it does (or it used to)

    Deadpool vs Batman - Batman. Deadpool is crazy, he can regenerate, he can teleport, but come on, Batman makes it his business to know all the strengths and weaknesses of his opponents, and frankly even those of his friends. And Batman did lay the smack down on Spawn and a Predator

    I'd pick any of the Green Lanterns over Iron Man. It doesn't matter the technology IM could come up with, the Lantern rings are powerful enough to destroy it.

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  11. If Iron Man, BatMan, and Dead Pool fought ( not to the death ) it would be a close fight.
  12. Deadpool FTW!!!
  13. Not real sure about any others but Aikar would win easily. All he has to do is code a super invincibility shield of death and kill icc.
  14. /nuke..
  15. iron man vs icc
  16. Anselmo el nyordo vs Deadpool
  17. Aikar can code, ICC can't, Aikar can easily disable explosions, program a way of permanently demoting ICC, and /kill him.
  18. Yeah, Magic still messes Superman up.
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  19. Superman vs. Thor would be a really close battle; I am not really sure.
    Batman. He is a better tactician.
    Green Lantern. Magic green energy beats technology.
    Aikar. His coding skills and two finger typing skills would make it an easy battle.
    Magic does mess with Superman, but I wouldn't classify Thor as magical. It is more occultist magic that messes with Superman. I think it would just come down to a battle of strength.
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