Musical suggestions: For me, and you! :D

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  1. Alright, I know, this is probably a rather odd topic type. I'm just curious in getting to know more bands out there. I like most types of music...just not metal (heavy or soft) or rap. Yea, I know, I'ma hipster. :D But yes, if you have any suggestions, I would appreciate it. Currently, bands I do like...there are lots...but majorly can include classical music, like Beethoven or more current, bands like say, Coldplay or OneRepublic (Yea, now I'm mainstream. :D), and my all time favorite band, Muse. I do enjoy pop songs as well, and, although it probably isn't really meant for girls pleasure, Bo Burnham is one of my favorite comedian/singers. :p Anywho, again, sorry for the rather trivial topic; I just would like some new music. :) Thanks in advance!
  2. oh you wanted band suggestions to listen too :p thought you wanted to know people who were in bands :p because i was going to say im in a band :p
  3. Yes, I would like band suggestions. But, hey, if you have any video of your band playing, I'd be more than happy to listen. Sorry for the bad name. xD
  4. Well you stripped me of metal suggestions so basically I got classic rock such as Queen, Journey, Foreigner, Guns and Roses, etc.

    And for those who want some metal try Bullet for My Valentine, A Day to Remember, Disturbed, or Five Fingered Death Punch
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  5. Now, I do like Queen, Journey, and Guns and Roses. I also like a few Bullet For My Valentine songs. I've never heard of Foreigner. xD
  6. You should open up your heart to the joys of bands like Slayer and Slipknot:D. But if you like more mellow music try post-rock like Russian Circles (still might be a little too heavy for you) their cd Stations is amazing.
  7. Oh, I've tried metal. I just can't stand it. Sorry. d:
  8. Try Animals As Leaders. Their an instrumental band. Ok their metal(kind of) but a lot of their songs are really mellow and Tosin Abasi is the best guitarist ever.
  9. I couldn't really get into Animals as leaders, its just kinda odd in my opinion. But I would like to find some instrumental metal. And yes Slipknot and Slayer are great :) Also The Devil Wears Prada is pretty good
  10. Well we don't have any videos of our music yet because we are only a local band right now but we have like 12 songs of our own and we are a punk band
  11. i love : The rolling stone,the Beatles, tom petty,queen, foreigner,red hot chili peppers,def leppard, van halen, pink floyd, scorpions, ozzy ozbourne, boston, the eagles, guns n roses, ac/dc, billy idol, steppenwolf, iron maiden, kiss,led zeppelin, black sabbath, U2, and Judas Priest and animals.
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  12. 1. Zombies EP was really good everything else from TDWP is just too generic for my taste 2. I find most don't like Animals as Leaders. They are really Prog.
  13. Try Nirvana and also try Baroness(heavy indie music).
  14. i love nirvana
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  15. What kind of music do you play and where can I listen?
  16. If you like punk listen to Grave Robber(horror punk).
  17. you wouldn't have to come to my home town to listen to it :p hahahah ike i said we don't have any videos
  18. I think my favorite band is The Fray, but I also like Mumford and Sons, Death Cab for Cutie, Icon for Hire, Family Force 5, Needtobreathe, and Snow Patrol just to name a few :p
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  19. You don't need videos, just a mic and recording software :) No need to be to high class yet
  20. dude its a band :p hahaha i can't use my computer for it :p