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  1. ITT: We discuss music. Our tastes in music, songs of any and all genres within reason, try to get an understanding of the scope of EMC's music interests.

    I find myself interested in lots of different genres. My music tastes have flickered between focuses on certain songs in pop, rock, blues, dubstep, and jazz. Right now, a friend of mine is trying to indoctrinate me into his little subculture of metal, so I'm pretty much letting that run its course to see how it goes :3

    He's going on about this band Apocalyptica, who apparently play electric cello. That's something that intrigued me when I first heard it. Electric guitar, perhaps, but cello? disgonbgud.gif
    Here's a song I pulled off YouTube from them:

    So, EMC, what do you like in music? Bonus points for going into maximum detail and posting a sample of what your favourite song is, what you generally listen to, or something that has caught your interest recently ^_^
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  2. How does one pull a video off youtube?
    1. Go to YouTube.
    2. Type stuff in search bar.
    3. Find video.
    4. Copy link.
    5. Click the video reel icon on the toolbar in the post reply field.
    6. Paste link.
    7. Post reply.
    8. ????
    9. There is no profit, no exchange or expenditure of currency is taking place, meaning there cannot be more made than spent since there's no money in the first place. Simple logic, really.
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  3. Warning: Language

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  4. I have a varied taste in music. I mainly listen to metal but I do branch out into many other genres.

    Post Metal.

    Melodic Death Metal.

    Doomy Post Metal.

    Post Hardcore.

  5. You you be able to place in a spoiler to make this more clean?
  6. Your grammar is so weird I am not sure what you are asking. I think you are asking me to put it in a spoiler. I don't know why I would need to do that though.
  7. I am sorry. I was getting attacked while posting that by my little brother and was not able to check it for grammatical errors.
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  8. I'll start with some of my favorite genre: chiptune
    That will be all for now.
  9. Amon Amarth did a song with Apocalyptica.

  10. Has to be my favourite track right now.

  11. <----The tempo will pick up at 20 seconds
  12. Renard- Intensive Care Unit. Sadly I can't find his youtube or if I have, I can't find this song :I

    I heard about this one here on EMC. I have found very few people who like it, due to "the DONGDONGDONGDONG baseline" :/

    I like some covers that people do. Love Volbeat and found this:

    Volbeat again. There's some language in this one, especially at the beginning:

    Psychostick. I think this is probably the only one that isn't inappropriate to post here lol.
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  13. Dangit I always forget Weezer xD.
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  14. lol here's another reminder than
  15. Well, I think I've posted enough about Jimi Hendrix to leave him out here. I'm pretty picky when it comes to music, but I'm willing to hear what other people like.
    I recently purchased 3 of the soundtrack CD's for a show called Cowboy Bebop. If you like music, you might like the show (no guarantees here). It somehow manages to incorporate jazz, western, and techno, and it's awesome. Here's one of my favorite tracks from the series:

    Real men listen to James Taylor:

    You've probably never listened to Japanese speed metal, but Galneryus is probably worth a shot. They're really good at live performances, and the lead guitar player is exceptional.

    Here's one of the most awesomely 80's songs/videos you'll ever see:

  16. XD I forgot about psychostick

    *Don't drink and drive
    *Don't drink if underage