Mumble additions:

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  1. Mumble needs a "Call the Cops' button. Aikar, can you add that?
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  2. Lets not do this... :p
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  3. Scared of something, huh?
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  4. It'd get overused with some of the things that get said, and how quickly channels deteriorate :p
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  5. Only the ones that you are in, anon.
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  6. I don't think aikar can modify mumble
  7. Shush, it's not my fault ;)

    I think we should totally bring back Mature channels though :p
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  8. I agree. I am also unable to quote other people's messages for some reason... Interesting.
  9. Aikar can TOTALLY modify Mumble, he owns it after all.
  10. Aikar cannot modify Mumble. He does not own it.
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  11. Oh, he totally could if he wanted to.
  12. Sometimes Mumble does need the cops...but Aikar doesnt own mumble and cant add that. :p
  13. Look, I know you guys might not have been here for very long.

    Aikar bought Minecraft from Icecreamcow

    Mumble is part of Minecraft

    Aikar owns Mumble.

    Maybe he can get RainbowChin to fix it up for us.
  14. Aikar bought Empire Minecraft from IceCreamcow, not Minecraft.

    Minecraft is not part of Mumble.

    Aikar does not own Mumble. :p

    I don't think RainbowChin can code.
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  15. All we need to do is get sgttank207 on mumble there is your cop xD
  16. Kalland Labs owned Empire Minecraft before Starlis, and it was owned by JustinGuy. ICC never owned the Empire. :)
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