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    Some of you may or may not remember my old Tumblr from around August 2014. That thing is gone now because some girl from school used it to stalk me and I got creeped out and deleted it lol. I decided to make another one in April but I forgot about it, and I've now decided to start using it again. I dunno how long that's going to last, but we'll see...

    Anyway, point of the thread, yes, I remember asking you people to ask me questions on the old one. Some of them were pretty interesting and I liked answering them, so I figured why not do that again with this new one.

    Go and 'roast me' if you wanna:

    Also follow me if you're willing to see crap posts constantly. Just a warning I'll probably swear a lot or reblog stuff with swearing in it, so if you're offended by this for whatever reason don't follow me lol.
  2. i am a sad, sad man.