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  1. Wild base name: Mudslide
    Owner: RockyCrag
    Location: SMP3
  2. Do I need more info in this post to get Mudslide established?
  3. Usually a locked chest at the base with your name on :)
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  4. Just make sure you have a locked chest with your name on it in the middle or the main part of the outpost

    Edit: Ninja'd....
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  5. Great thanks, I did that before I posted this back in December. I guess the mod' are kind of busy right now.
  6. I sent pm's to a couple of moderators. They helped me.
  7. I need some protection now, some people are just showing up and wrecking the place, turning the place into a wasteland. My fault for trying to build an outpost in a mesa I guess.
  8. Talk to a staff member if you are being griefed :)
  9. Please PM me as many details about this as you can, I will look into it
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