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Which smp?

1 6 vote(s) 9.8%
2 6 vote(s) 9.8%
4 18 vote(s) 29.5%
5 3 vote(s) 4.9%
6 9 vote(s) 14.8%
7 8 vote(s) 13.1%
8 21 vote(s) 34.4%
9 4 vote(s) 6.6%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Hey Everyone! As you all might know, I have a residence on smp3 on my other account. However, I want to get more active in the community, so I want to have 2 different residences on 2 smp's! Please give a good answer to why your smp is better for me. ( Please don't say, "Smp# is so much better" ) Please explain.

    See you all in game! :)

    Edit: I am mostly looking at comments. For example, if smpA has slightly more votes than smpB, but smpB has more comments. I would probably go to smpB.
  2. I suggest smp7! Smp7 is just like smp4 and smp8 had a child! We are nice to all visitors and welcoming to all!
  3. Come to SMP8. I guarantee I good (and quite weird) lifestyle here. You shall meet many weir-- I mean, unique people if you were to come here.
  4. smp4 has amazing wastelands and it has Carthaga (a public outpost/town in the frontier)! People are really interested in doing jobs or having you doing jobs for them. There's also good malls/mini malls/parkour and other things! /v +directory on smp4 is awesome! ;)
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  5. stay out of 6, we only like shinys here
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  6. Hmm. So far smp4 has the most votes..
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  7. Join smp4, most of the community is nice and friendly, we most of the time support each other but I'm not saying every other smp doesn't do these things...
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  8. Everyone knows smp8 is the best. Just last night I watched southpark347 and luckygreenbird get married and divorced at a pancake stand.
  9. Go, go to SMP8 you. Pretty much What Kat and Caden said (I once got Married to a Tree Stump there)
    Also smp8 has a lot of Public Utilities, from a Guardian Farm, to EXP grinders and an Ice Farm
  10. true dat
  11. No one likes smp9 I guess. #Smp4vsSmp8
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  12. I think smp4 won this.... smp9 just deserted.
  13. I have residence on smp3, 5, 8(base) and I sometimes play with my friends who have res in smp1 and 4. Overall, I think smp8 is kinda interesting to have a res. It's really active in chat, events, and auction wise. I feel many active people in forum come from smp8. I started regretting I decided to make our base in smp8 cuz I cannot come back to town all for that funny things going on. So if you like to be interactive, I think smp8 is good place to go?

    But for myself, I think smp5 is the best place to stay. Chat is not that active but sometimes people like it that way.
    I don't know about Frontier in smp5 but I think the economy on smp5 is good to run your own shop if you have plan to open your shop. (even though there is a really good mega mall seems taking all business of smp5, but actually not and it balances the economy)

    I heard smp9 has the best economy (the cheapest pricing on most of the goods) sometimes I go there to buy stuffs.
  14. Hey i like my quiet SMP9. Also what kyukyu99 said is also true, as i noticed that myself while server hopping for some stuff.
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  15. So far, smp8 has my intrest. I will decide tomorrow as more votes and comments are posted.
  16. You have to ask yourself some hard questions and think about a few things before jumping into smp8.

    1) Do you potato?
    2) Will you protect the spuds of love?
    3) Pickle earrings, do you know where you put yours?
    4) Toasters and pizarols. Ask Caden or BK.
    5) Everyone is a wife on smp8, and most have the feeesh from Seffy :)

    If these sound great, get your colander ready and come on down!
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  17. SMP2 known as the most staffy server is the most safest part of EMC i would move there just so you can say i live with the Equables
  18. I Have decided. The winning smp is...

    SMP8! :D

    I picked the server because..
    1. Most votes
    2. Great Reasons
    3. Available Residences
    4. Lets get Funky/Weird!

    I will be creating my residence soon. See you guys in game! :) :D :p
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