Moving to a new res.....

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  1. Im sorry before I start, I promise Ive looked everywhere with how to move to a new res but cant find anything!

    Im on smp3 atm and ive spent the past 3 weeks playing and making a mess really! Now I know what I want to do but dont want to spend eternity tearing everything down. Ive also vaulted everything I want to take to my new res.

    How do I find a new available res?
    Does anyone recommend any of the servers?

    I need help!
    Thanks in advance and sorry again! Please dont shout at me! lol
    ClareMuss x
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  3. I new as soon as Id put a post up id find what I was looking for in the begining! Typical!
    Thankyou for your help, Im a noob what can I say! :)
  4. Not at all, we're all learning as we go along :)
  5. Come onto SMP7 :)
  6. Im trying to find a good plot now! I will have a look at 7! :)
  7. Awesome! I'm on there now :)
  8. SMP8 seems to have the best plot! :)
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  9. Which residence did you take?
  10. Im on SMP8! :)
  11. Another way is derelict rese but u would have to pay 5k