moving mob spawners

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  1. i want to make a xp farm is it possible to use pistons to move the spawners please answer
  2. no it isnt. you dont need to move spawners to make an exp farm
  3. so i cant move them?
  4. No, one doesn't simply move a mob spawner.
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  5. you will have to check if mob farms are actually allowed becuase last time i checked they werent allowed
  6. Where did you check? I thought it is allowed. :/
  7. lol If they aren't allowed then a lot of people would be in trouble.
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  8. yeah uhh i totally dont use a mob farm >.>
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  9. lol. u r #3 on the TEXP
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  10. LoL Dubzy ... and no, there is no current way to move a mob spawner
  11. mob farms do not exploit any known bug, glitch, or cheat. they are creative uses of known resources, perfectly legal :)
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  12. ...

  13. Fact. If you can build a little farm/grinder out of a spawner or spawners that you've found, it's perfectly ok. They've ruled that AFK coasters are not allowed, though, so you'll have to actually be there to keep mobs spawning, but otherwise there's nothing wrong with making a mob farm/grinder. And the others are also correct in that spawners can't be moved. Last time I checked, even if you could move them, they ended up just spawning pigs after being replaced.
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  14. And I'm 4 :(

    EDIT: How sad, I'm not even 4 anymore D:
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  15. What you said :p
  16. You are a little bit from 4 :D
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  17. well last time i checked it wasent allowed :/
  18. Well your wrong :D you can most definitely make mob farms :p
  19. i know its a llowed now but when i last checked (like 5 months ago) it wasent :p