Movie and Book Discussion Thread

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  1. This thread is created to recommend or discuss movies and books.

    I am merging two threads from last year that sadly had a bad life span. You can visit the version 1 of each here and here. Edit: Looked and saw Hash bumped the book thread on the 22nd but had no replies since so we can continue here ;)

    The rules are different for books and movies, so be sure to click the respective spoilers.

    • if it has too much violence, blood, nudity, or anything else, that you state so.
    • Put the movie rating, see spoiler below.

    This image contains both the British Movie Rating System and the American.

    The only rule is that you include this disclaimer in the post if it pertains to your recommendation:
    • My recommendations- be warned: If you decide to get any of these books, some are for ages 18+ only.

    I am going to start the thread off with a couple books.

    • My recommendations- be warned: If you decide to get any of these books, some are for ages 18+ only.
    Mitch Rapp (series), By Vince Flynn:
    • This series follows the main character, Mitch Rapp, through his career as an assassin for the CIA. His mission: to fight terrorism. This series currently has 15 books in the series and is only planned for a total of 17, books 15-17 are being written by an alternative author due to the unfortunate passing of the original author. I give this series a solid rating of 10/10.
    Scott Harvath (series), By Brad Thor:

    • Similar to my first recommendation, this series follow Scot Harvath and ex-Navy Seal. The first book in the series explains his role after Seals as an agent with the Secret Service. The president was kidnapped on his watch and he is being blamed for it, he must clear his name and rescue the president with no backup. Rating 9.9/10.
    Harvest Trilogy (series), By Michael R. Hicks: (Book one in the series is actually free to read on Amazon soooo.... ;))

    • Have you ever heard of GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms)? Top secret corn seeds that have been genetically modified are being created, an FBI agent lost his life uncovering the secret. The main characters in this series must raise above and risk their lives to save all of humanity. This series is probably one of the only series I have read more then twice. If I could, it would be rated 11/10.
    Cyber Storm, by Matthew Mather:

    • This book follows a family in NYC when a cyber attack goes off followed by a large snowstorm- NYC is cut off from the rest of the World and chaos ensues. This book is currently in development for a film by 20th Fox. It was a good read (and a free read when I happened to stumble onto it), rating of 9/10.
    I think I might be too generous with my rating but who cares. Also some of my summaries are a bit shallow and dont give off details because I would rather you pick the book up and be surprised than know what is going to happen.

    Feel free to discuss and talk about books and/or movies you enjoy. I'm going to keep this thread from dying unlike the first of each mine. Aparently Hash bumped his like a week ago lol.

    Thanks! :) Looking forward to hearing your recommendations.
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  2. Been a few weeks, as I stated in my mind- I wouldn't bump this thread but every few weeks so its that time.

    How about a book review from me?

    So, I am currently only in book two of a currently ongoing series.

    I will review book one, Power Down.
    Power Down introduces you to Dewey Andreas, a normal guy- or so you think. He works on an Oil Rig but his workers dont know something- Dewey used to be a Delta Force Operative. So, when his oil rig is attacked by terrorists he does the thing he was trained for- killing terrorists. This book is amazingly fast paced and action packed. The characters feel real thanks to Ben Coes.


    Thanks it for me... Feel free to post YOUR reviews guys :)
  3. fifty shades of grey
    The divergent series is a great one. Probably PG13
  4. Recently finished reading the fourth book in the Millennium trilogy ;). It's really interesting and well written, and the movies are good too but they skip too many of the little details. Ironically, the book also skips over little details. It doesn't go into much detail about what a scene looks like, but it describes what people are thinking and doing really well. I would not recommend the books for younger readers though :p

    Favourite movie though is Gone Girl. I won't spoil it, you should all just go watch it. Although, I think it's classified R in America.