Movember, year 2.

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  1. Hey guys, I posted a thread for this last year. I would like it very much to see you all participate in this year's Movember, or No-Shave November.

    It's quite simple. Tomorrow, the 31st of October, you shave off all of your facial hair. You then upload a photo of your nice clean-shaven face.

    The next step is simple. Throughout the entire month of November, you do not shave. You can choose to grow only a section of your face (e.g. Moustache or Goatee), but the full thing is best.

    Then on the first day of December, you upload a photo of your fluffy face!

    Guys, this is also handy for keeping your face just that little bit warmer in the winter months! Sorry to leave out the ladies >.<
  2. I would do it, but you have to go through that awkward period where you have douchebag stubble.
  3. See a picture of the before? And then after? and then after that after, after?

    Also im 14! So I don't shave (yet!)

    I can shave my dog :D
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  4. Just before and after. I would probably prefer it if no animals were harmed in the making of this thread.

    This is what my face looks like 75% of the time.
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  5. Okie!

    Show a before!! :D Too show that you are going to shave...
  6. Haha awesome i been doing no shave November since HS. I'm up for it lol
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  7. wait I have to shave off my nice warm beard! nuuuu. But I will participate, I did it last year.
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  8. :eek: NOOOOO
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  9. iSmooch I think has been doing a no shave since he has been home. :p I'll try to convince him to participate. He'll be sad about shaving his bread off.
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  10. I feel ya lol I got nice beard going on right now but owell want to feel the breeze on my face for couple of days lol
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  11. I have no facial hair, but I can shave my
    Did you think I was going to say that? >: O
  12. You two date?
  13. Ya'll should hear him... soooooo sad about shaving off his beard he currently has. lol
  14. :eek: Cool!! :D
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  15. Just have him put it in the toaster and put some jam on it. He'll be okay. :p
  16. lol my bad.:p
  17. I am unable to grow one! :p
  18. Glad I'm not the only one who noticed :) I think Dwight did as well.
  19. I blame the Iphone and driving lol :p
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