Mountain Residence

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  1. Hey there! This is my first forum thread and as you can tell form the thread title I've turned my res into a mountain! I've got a kind of time lapse of pictures. Extra credit to shadow_bunny13 for doing a lot of the terraforming too!
    2012-09-10_20.33.34.png 2012-09-10_20.44.56.png 2012-09-11_18.39.42.png 2012-09-11_20.38.44.png 2012-09-12_16.09.45.png 2012-09-12_16.12.16.png
    This has been constructed on res #3584 on Smp2. Once it is finished there will be things like a shop and a viewing deck. I look forward to seeing your responses :)

    I'm going to include donators on this this page now. So far I've got:
    1) Eclipsys - Donated 5000r
    2) Shadow_bunny13 - Built lots of this residence too and donated 1000r
    3) MissMadison910 - Donated 1000r
    4) CUJeffery - Donated 200r

    UPDATE: I finally convinced myself to get some work done on the interior of the mountain. I have a few levels but I need more cobble, which you can sell to me outside my res. Anyway, Shadow_Bunny13 also built a pretty cool looking skull which will be used as my entrance. This project will be finished as soon as I can. Unfortunately I'll have to postpone the 'grand opening' of my res due to lack of resources, building materials, etc. Anyway, here's the pic: 2012-10-20_23.11.34.png

    UPDATE: This project has been officially cancelled. I'll keep you up-to-date (if you care anymore :p) on what happens to my res :)
  2. Whoa! Great job :)
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  3. I think it looks realy cool! how long did you build on it?
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  4. How long did that take? :O It looks awesome. Looking forward to visiting it.
  5. That looks amazing!
  6. It took about 5 days to do. As I said, its not really done at the moment.
    Thanks for the positive replies guys! :D
  7. Haha I tried to make this on a cloud, it didn't work out. Glad you were so successful!
  8. what about the building?
  9. This looks amazing!!!
  10. I was not expecting that. Great job!
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  11. This turtle approves of your work. It looks great! :D
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  12. is it possible you could make a hollow one of these on my res?
  13. I'd be happy to if I catch you online once :)
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  14. Awesomeness. Nice job!
  15. good job man, you've just killed my floating islands on 9412 smp4 (that currently has a giant noob pillar on it :D)
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  16. This is really nice! Keep ging the voor work :)
  17. I'm glad people apreciate our work, this took a lot of time, effort and rupees (for the snow)

    Also note that I will soon start a terraforming business. So please, contact either me or sideshowallie and I'll see what I can do...[
  18. Lol, I like the our rupees part. Not like I gave you 1000r which you wasted on stone or anything :p

    Thinking of stone, go to 3428. That's Shadow's res and its got an awesome castle. Like mine, its not quite done, but I encourage him to start another thread on it :)
  19. Haha I'll try to start a thread... But it'll have to wait til' I get back from my week long stay away from internet connection and reception.
  20. this is cool i might check it out