Most Strange Eating Combo.

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Elysianx, Oct 13, 2012.


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  1. Mine is Pizza and ranch
    mash potatoes and ketchup
    I dont like my spaghetti touching
    so I eat it separately.
  2. same with me i love pizza with ranch
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  3. Pizza & Ranch = Delicious
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  4. A McDonalds with a cup of tea :D
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  5. Pizza + Ranch + Tabasco ..... Virtually everything with Tabasco.

    EDIT: Tabasco is a hot sauce from Louisiana. I wasn't sure if it's known outside of the US.
  6. I like spinich and ranch :)
    I call it " The Gross Dressing "
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  7. Hm.
    Honey mustard over fried rice with fish sticks. Quite delicious actually.
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  8. mmm honey mustard :p<-insert honey mustard
  9. Hehe, it might not be that weird, but fries and icecream, people look at me like O.O when I eat it like that.
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  10. O.O
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  11. But I personally like fries and frozen custard the best.
  12. Try 1 part Tabasco 3 0r 4 parts Franks Red Hot. Then apply generously to everything.

    I once ate spaghetti noddles and chill dog sauce = pretty gross but I ate it.
    I mix all of my food together. Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and pees for dinner? mashed potatoes cover the bottom of the plate, pees on top of that, meat loaf on top of that. Apply hot sauce (see above) and enjoy.
    Ranch on store bought pizza. Ranch in mashed potatoes. I add veggies and meats to rammen noodles. I add salsa to soups and spaghetti.
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  13. Honey mustard on fries.
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  14. Bacon and barbecue sauce.
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  15. apple suace, chicken, redhot peppers and icecream
  16. Yes, Yes.... I will find some Franks Red Hot this week! :D
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  17. Some of mine might sound normal but where I'm from they're looked at as odd.

    Chicken sandwich with pickles.
    Fries with mayo and ketchup.
    Ranch with cheesy breadsticks.
    Mashed potatoes with bits of hotdog and cheese in them
    Pancakes with jelly.
    Toast with peanut butter.
    Fried chicken gizzards with ranch.
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  18. A person i know used to eat pancakes with ketchup...
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  19. Everyone thinks im wierd because i put some milk on my hotdogs, it tastes nice, get over it!
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  20. my friend eats rice with ketchup. Ruins it in my opinion. I don't think I have strange combos. I keep with traditional asian food(I am addicted).