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Have you met me???

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  1. Mornin' or afternoon,

    have been on EMC for quite a while now and I just realized today that I have never introduced myself in the 148 days I have been here for.
    I feel quite sad because I have missed out on an important part of the EMC 'experience' but I feel worse for you guys because I've been walking around Smp8 and you guys don't have a clue who I am.
    So here it goes...

    My name is Kate and I joined EMC 148 days ago and I live in England, I found EMC through a server list and by the point I reached EMC I was pretty tired and grumpy because I had been through every single server on the list and I hadn't found a good one.
    EMC, after all my searching I have concluded that this is the best server EVER! -but back to my introduction...
    My favourite block, honestly, in minecraft is the bookshelf because its very colourful and is a good way to fill your house.
    I prefer creative to survival and multiplayer to single player.
    I don't have a favourite and hated minecraft food because that isn't practical, on my thread 'The Uncertain Adventures of Kate' I explained thoroughly WHY I don't have favourite and hated foods on EMC...In real-life however I like mushroom soup.
    My ambition on EMC is to just be there for everyone and to make people feel safe and happy and I have recently finished my 'The Mushroom and Steak School' on Smp8 which is really just decorative but is fun to walk around in...
    Thank you for listening to my slightly too late introduction and greeting. I hope I see you around (if I haven't already)! :)
  2. Hi Kate,

    Well, have no fear because....

    Hmm, well, ok, it's easy. We'll just pretend that we never saw you. And considering that you hid your profile away a bit (I think I only recognize your name from these forums) its easy to act as if we never met. Well, which I also don't think we did but that's besides the point ;)

    No worries; I'll give this my best!

    Hi Kate,

    Welcome to the Empire! Something tells me that you're really enjoying your stay, which is good to hear, especially because we now don't have to start wondering if you will ;)

    And SMP8 is a very nice server to be, quite a few people I came to know (a little better) and respect seem to be living there so I'd say you're in good company :)

    As to those server lists: don't I know it!

    I've only been here approx. 62 days but I still remember my search for another server. I started at the top and even I eventually came across a server which had approx. 200 players online, yet most of them turned out to be bots I kinda gave up and then continued at the bottom of the page. I don't recall the sorting order I had applied; but there it was; EMC. Guess I never left ;)

    Which is what makes the Empire great, in my opinion of course. It truly provides different gameplay for different people. And I'm sure the same applies here as well.

    Of course, that's how I knew your name. I've actually read that and started to follow it for a bit ;)

    Oh wait, I'm getting out of character; I was supposed not to know you :D

    You know what they say: better late than never!

    So yah, Welcome to the Empire and I hope you're going to continue in having a great time here!
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  3. Hello Kate, nice to meet you. I don't leave the wild very often so I am 100% sure we have not meet. I might sneak over to smp8 to check out your "Mushroom and Steak School". :)
  4. Well, I haven't ever seen you in-game, but I surely know who you are on the forums :)
    Don't worry, I had my "introduction thread" when I had been on the forums for a year already ;)
  5. Thanks guys! It's nice to meet you all, I hope I can see you in places like the firefloor! I know feel that I am on my way to having the complete EMC 'experiance':)
  6. I have also made my profile public so feel free to post a comment or something...or not. :p
  7. Fear not, I hadn't made an introduction for about 1080 days into EMC on the forums :p Welcome to the forums, I guess? :)
  8. Why thankyou cadenman2002, I think you should opt for the full EMC 'experiance' by introducing yourself for the first time :)

    EDIT: I may have misread your post, I thought you said you have never made an introduction.:)
  9. Welcome to the Empire and the forums Kate. I have seen you post before. Enjoy your stay. :)
  10. Thankyou FWRonald!