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  1. As you all know, many new features are being created, by both aikar and Jeb. These new features have given me some great ideas for some miniboss ideas. So, here we go... Ragnor: A very angry enderman. He runs very fast and teleports unpredictably. He has a special attack that teleports you up into the air. For assistance he summons turrets, shulkers that despawn after ten seconds. He summons a lot of them and they have the same attack as normal ones, so beware. Upon spawning, a message reading You hear a piercing screech of anger... message appears, and you hear the enderman death noise.

    Dragon Swarm: A swarm of ten angry, fire-breathing bats. They fly with the same wobbly motion as marlix. At long range they shoot fireballs at you. at short range they shoot a plume of flames at you
    (like the hydra in the twilight forest mod). Instead of summoning guardians, they summon upward shooting plumes of flame on the ground around them. Upon spawning, a message reading The smell of smoke fills the air... appears and you a dragon growl.


    For Ragnor:

    Ragnor's eye: An enchanted eye of ender. It's enchanted with knockback V and launches your enemy up into the air. As always, it's final and soulbound.

    Ragnor's turret: These are Ragnor's most common drop. It is an enchanted shulker egg and when placed, fires at hostile mobs and players in the PvP arenas. It's final.

    For the Dragon Swarm:

    Flamethrower: *EXTREMELY RARE* An enchanted bow with unbreakinng III. Instead of firing arrows and consuming arrow items from the inventory, it shoots fireballs and consumes fire charges from the inventory. It's final and soulbound.

    Dragon Wings: The new 1.9 Elytra item. It's final and soulbound and allows the wearer to achieve better flight. It is able to fly upwards farther before falling. When flying, it also spawns flame particles behind you. It is enchanted with protection V and fire protection IV.
  2. I like your imagination but I personally don't think these will be good ideas for the Empire for a few reasons.

    First of all, there are already new minibosses confirmed to be added. Secondly, the Elytra 1.9 item is already OP enough as it is, it would be completely game-breaking if it was able to fly further upwards. Thirdly, fire charges are disabled on the Empire, by what you're saying, you want the bow to shoot fire charges like ghasts do which can burn blocks and destroy things, the burning blocks part is why it is disabled in the first place. Also, I don't like the idea of the turret, it would bring a hugely unfair advantage to anyone that has one in PvP.
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  3. Nice ideas, but you should post these elsewhere to be sure that the staff notices them; this was mentioned in the September news. But no worries, I looked it up for you:

    So, go to this URL and post your suggest there:

    And good luck!
  4. 1.9 won't be coming for a long while, sometime next year hopefully.

    I do like the idea of a flamethrower. Holding rightclick would rapid fire fire charges but they would disappear after 5 meters or something.