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  1. I believe that there should be more Community Managers (CM) to deal with {supporter and other (CM) related issues}I feel that Krysyyjane is overworked and needs people to help her with the work load. on multiple occasions with different players, they have informed me that services required by an admin or (CM) have taken several days to a few weeks to be resolved, while I understand that this is in no fault to krysyyjane9191 I do believe another (CM) would relive the work load and fulfill these services more effectively.
  2. -sits down-
    -pops popcorn-
    -watches thread-
    I wonder how this'll turn out =P
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  3. The problem with this is you must be SR+ before becoming admin, and Krysyy was admin before CM (If my memory serves me right...), This means we would need a new admin to then go through the process of becoming a CM.... The only person I could see doing this is Aikar and we all know how that would work ;) :rolleyes:.

    I could also see Chin doing this but he is only Sr.Staff.
  4. Krysyy was always the "CM" before Aikar added specified admin titles. :p

    But yeah, there'd be a lot of trust on that one person, and I honestly can't see it happening any time soon. It's totally the current admins' decision.
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  5. #Sky4Manager

    EDIT: EMC would plummet into hell if this happened.
  6. We've both done great work delegating lately to spread things out. Krysyy is just at a temporary busy point because she just moved.

    She'll be back up to speed soon as she's able.
  7. With all due respect: a little patience goes a long way.

    Also, I think your comments are kinda vague. Once again, no offense, but you're basing this on hear-say, not personal experience and that is a very risky road to travel. IMO.

    I had quite a few shares of supporter vouchers. Approx. 9 (6 in one deal (gave some away), then two more dia, two gold iirc). I honestly don't recall the full numbers. I slipped some to my (close) friends, I put one up for my skin (which I still consider the best investment ever, I love my new skin) and yah.

    Bottom line: all of them got redeemed within 48 hours, usually the next day. The only exception I know happened to a good friend of mine (yes; also hear-say but I know this b/c I was checking her out to send in my "congrats on blue" comment on her profile); she had a Dia voucher and it took longer to redeem it. Because Kryssy Krysyy was on vacation at that time (one day I'll learn how to spell this right!).

    Context: the only exception since I got here (167 days atm).

    The other reason why I think your comment is a bit vague is because you also mention "admin". Senior Staff could be considered admins but honestly; that's not comparable to a community manager. There are also quite a few of them, so you shouldn't mix them into this since there are already quite a few.

    SO I'd like to ask you: what services are we talking about here in the first place? I do respect your opinion, but I also think that with suggestions like these its paramount to be more precise.
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  8. Got to give krysyy time she is old lol jk But like Aikar Said she just moved so it will take time for her to settle in.
    [edit] She redeems the voucher pretty quickly when she is not busy.
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  9. I thank you all for you're input thus far, and hope order within the supporter community will be resorted.. soon :p
  10. As much as I agree that it's always nice to have some new people in the game, I feel as if there should only be one community manager for the whole community (hence the name "community manager" rather than "one of two community managers" ;)).

    As for more administrators or senior staff members, that is a completely different case scenario. However, I feel that krysyy does a very good job as CM right now, and I don't see the need for another.
  11. All hail Maxarias? lol In sincerity I feel like Krysyy does an awesome job and just one day doesnt hurt anyone.
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  12. While I understand that this might be vague I'd like to refrain from releasing the players involved in the following instance A good friend of mine, on a very short schedule needed a voucher redeemed before his other had expired, once again I understand that Krysyy has her own things to take care of and this thread was in no way to attack her, I really do feel it is best to add in another admin in case Krysyy has IRL issues or just can't get to it due to her other admin duties, this was simply a suggestion to assist Krysyy in fulfilling what could already be a large workload, of course this could be left to the current admins and I just wanted to hear the communities opinion.
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  13. I'm convinced no one picked it up that way. Being critical from time to time is IMO a good thing, esp. when you're not overdoing it (which you didn't). For the simple reason that we all experience things in a different way. I always had my support vouchers redeemed in no longer than 48 hours. My friend had her voucher redeemed in a few days. So her first impression was also a little negative in comparison.

    Which is IMO the problem with these kind of issues, and why I think it's good to comment on it like you did. But although I respect your suggestion I simply can't find myself in it because I think Krysyy does an outstanding job. She's always there for you if you really need her, even when you sometimes don't expect it because you assume her to be busy with other (more important) things. She'll even go so far as addressing stuff while she's on vacation, that's dedication for you.

    But once again: I'm convinced that no one thinks you're attacking her, and if some people do then I think they should re-read your post again, this time a little more carefully.
  14. If you really want to never drop supporter, really suggest going with a subscription instead of vouchers.

    Though if you must (maybe your buying vouchers with rupees), While it is a little bit more work for krysyy, if someone really wants to ensure they don't drop, you can redeem it early and we'll add the voucher on to current.
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  15. Reading these comments made me think a bit more because I was wondering the same thing a while ago...it still hung around in the back of my head though...
    bottom line: I do think one community manager is enough. Krysyy can maintain her job just fine and, like L3A8 said, one day doesn't hurt anyone :)
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  16. Update since some people don't quite understand things in my life right now. And yes, things will settle down soon.

    -I just moved so I am cleaning up the old place and unpacking the new one.
    -One of the many inspection agencies was coming by to inspect our lab (IRL job). We've been preparing for the last week or so (on top of losing an employee), then they call late Friday and postpone.
    -Texas has had a lot of rain. To some that means that the lakes will rise and boat ramps will open for fun. Well that would be the case for me if it didn't keep raining. It's been nearly nonstop and the lake my dad lives on is going up FAST. In the last 10 hours, it has risen at least 10 feet. His house sits at about 690 feet and the lake rose from 630 to 640 overnight and the flood gates are open going INto the lake from another flooded area. Which means...flood prep starts. We have to rip out his bottom kitchen, and pack his downstairs and garages. Last time it was in his house was summer of '07 or so. We're due for another flood. (Also just heard that one of the major highways is closed at the Blanco river because it got flooded enough to block a highway. Nature is ticked off at Texas =P
    -Oh and sister's car got stolen from dad's house by mean people (and smart) that the police basically already gave up trying to track. So she's graduating next next Thursday and all her graduation stuff was in the car.

    I've been doing my best to check into the vouchers on a normal schedule. Make sure that they fill out the appropriate form at emc.gs/redeemvoucher. Inbox messages get crazy busy some days and it's a LOT faster to use the form.
  17. I think my friend actanonverba's comments are taken out of place. He ment to say that there should be multiple people able to do these vouchers for members of EMC.
    So, please ease up, I know him and what he was trying to say. It can be hard to communicate words on here compared to actually speaking them with my friend.
    But it's no ill will towards Krysyy, Aikar or any of the EMC staff.
    It was something that needed to get done and with all the staff we do have, it seems(just from what I know), only Aikar or Krysyy can activate those kind of vouchers.
    It would be nice if we did have another person or two also handling that job, to help EMC members.
    I put my two cents in this, because I bought that voucher for our friend and I'm also here defending another.
    So I hope I cleared thing up with this explanation and no ill will will/would come to my friend actanonverba.
    Thank you.
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